Oklahoma, 3 year old boy kills his mother with a gunshot to the head.

As reported by some US media, the 26-year-old woman named Christa Engels, and was alone at home with her baby and another child by a year at the time of the accident. Diaper change. Neighbors said the authority that the young woman was changing the diaper to small when the eldest son has found a high-caliber gun under the couch, managed to pull the trigger and fired, striking his mother in the head. To find it, dying, was the mother-in-law, who lives with them in the House: when returned, he saw the woman in a Lake of blood and asked for help to 911, the American aid. Desperate race to the hospital. Engels was immediately taken to an area hospital, but died shortly after admission to the 17:30 local time. The police are investigating the matter and has also tried to interrogate the child along with childhood specialists, to try to reconstruct the dynamics of the incident. The officials explained that the boy kept repeating only Mommy shot, shot Mommy. He was a military man. The police have also confirmed that the woman was a member of the American army, while her husband, a truck driver, who at the time of the shooting was to work in another State. At home there were other firearms, but were not in a place accessible to children. The nearby. My heart with this family. We need to pray, we pray for peace, said Vera Bennett, a neighbor of Engels. I can’t imagine that in today’s society there could be a gun charge in a place where a child can reach, he added Bennett, noting that there are now two children without her mother, and a whole family traumatised. . Related info can be read clicking website.

Right-wing in the Ukraine: A man with a past.

The excitement over the appointment of a certain Vadim Trojan to the Chief of police of Kiev region did not last long in the Ukraine and was not particularly wide circles. In the comments to this news the word "Nazi" appeared on Ukrainian News portals several times. As Minister of the Interior could make a arsenic Awakow to the Chief of police, some readers asked me. A human rights activist from Trojans hometown Kharkiv called the personnel decision a "slap in the face of those who fought on the Maidan for Europe". But it joined not many publicly on their criticism. The 35-year-old Trojan was an active member of the neo-Nazi organisation founded in Kharkiv "Patriot of Ukraine" middle of the past decade. The Kleinstgruppe joined the right-wing Alliance "Right sector" during the protests on the Maidan. Members of the group attacked foreigners several years ago in the city of Kharkiv; According to local human rights activists, they have distributed also Adolf Hitlers "Mein Kampf". At that time about what patriotism, had to do the support of the Ukrainian language, had been considered in Kharkiv neo-Nazism. "They called racists us, because we have organized a March for social rights in our student years", said Trojan. Also, he was 2007 moved to Kiev and was then no longer is involved in the actions of the group. However Trojan has remained apparently the right-wing extremist milieu. In May of this year he joined the Ukrainian volunteer battalion "Azov", by oleh Odnoroschenko, Andriy Bilezkij, the leaders of "Patriot of Ukraine", was launched and led. Right-wing and racist ideologies are very common among its fighters. Trojan became the Deputy Commander of the force and is acquired merits at the front in the Defense battle against pro-Russian separatists. Mid November the battalion was officially connected the Ukrainian "National Guard based in the spring". . For more data on this topic read http://74a8d1acb0731d0bdd83c3225f7c0427.closely.biz.

Garcia-Legaz starts legal action against Zapata by linking it to a scam of Nicholas.

#5 now qu quer is telling you. . I think a scammer can enga ar to anyone. Not to be tico pol or entrepreneur, you have to be ready the dem s. s m Importantly adem s is that the scam not goes to its end, the small or Nicol s it try to but it seems that not what got. . Habr to see qu says Justice, but meanwhile, I think that you must not judge people so harshly. Please! The youngster to itos 20 b-day in the month of April. I had 18 when enga aba to the men of forty-something! And not any kind of men but the alleged leaders n NACI and entrepreneurs who roam near these last. Yesterday went on TV with a sort of beard and still has the face of pampered. If East nor or could with our elites only we imagine turns that give Merkel and compa to. As we are going. . Extended information can be read reading http://74a8d1acb0731d0bdd83c3225f7c0427.closely.biz.

Paris wants to reassure its allies by delaying delivery of the Mistral.

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea in March, the French authorities had refused for several months to close the delivery of the Mistral of the military situation in the East of the Ukraine. Follower of the ostrich policy, Paris has always relied on a return to inevitable judged calm. This attitude was no longer possible to keep: the "date deadline", initially set to 14 November and pushed back two weeks with the Moscow agreement, expired this week. "The Russians knew the deadline. They could send positive and soothing signs East of the Ukraine. They have not done", says a source close to the dossier. Placed at the foot of the wall, François Holland finally decided, at least temporarily. "The security of Europe, including Eastern Europe, premium on our past commitments", said an official at the Ministry of defence. Paris immediately joined the gesture to the word: in the wake of the official announcement, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian taken an express trip to Warsaw. The meeting with his counterpart Tomasz Siemoniak was organized Sunday. It was intended to reassure a partner of France, neighbor of Russia, who was worried about the sale of the Mistral. But also to reinvigorate the negotiation of several military contracts between Paris and Warsaw, which were threatened by the case of PCBs. The Polish Minister of defence welcomed the decision of the Elysee, which proves he ‘ that the France wants to show that the West values for her most important. Jean-Yves Le Drian assured Warsaw ‘of the French determination to continue to be alongside the Poland and our allies facing threats posed to their safety". He announced the deployment next a unit of armoured vehicles to perform exercises on Polish territory. Anxious to preserve the word of the France, the Government also multiplies the "signs of reinsurance" to other partners, including the India and the Gulf countries. The decision to postpone the delivery of the PCB should also satisfy other European neighbors of Russia, such as the Baltic countries, and the allies of NATO, including the United States. Russia, who have visited master in the art of divide European States and to prepare men policies against the other, informed by the Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov that she hoped that the contract would be nevertheless honored. But Moscow could decide to repatriate in the next days the Russian sailors stationed in Saint-Nazaire since the beginning of the summer for training in the handling of the Vladivostok. Paris expects that Moscow requires the financial penalties and sued. Officially, the decision to delivery could be reassessed "the day where the Ukraine will be in peace." But in the corridors, it is considering alternatives. . Extended data can be found visiting http://74a8d1acb0731d0bdd83c3225f7c0427.closely.biz.

Pécresse (UMP) denounced a downsizing of police in transport.

You want to strengthen security in the Ile-de-France transport. Really are the Franciliens afraid to take the train? A study of the Thompson Reuters Foundation shows that greater Paris is the city of Europe where women feel less safe in transport. I went to the center of the Parisian transport security and police have confirmed to me that the video protection was a real weapon against insecurity. In the Paris metro, equipped with cameras, the clear-up rate is two times higher than on the surface. All new trains are equipped with cameras,. This represents 400 trains. We still have 800 trains which are not equipped. If it is expected that all trains be replaced, it will be for years. I propose, as has been done in New York, only one team in cameras, by the end of 2015, each first car of these 800 trains. This would cost EUR 16 million and would cover 3 million Franciliens. Those wishing to be protected could ride in this car. We can finance it: last week, the left has voted 17 million euros to equip new trains of displays, passenger information and advertising spots on the region. I think that the security passes before! Need more human presence? It seems that nearly 300 posts of regional transport, created by Nicolas Sarkozy, police or one quarter of the workforce, were since redeployed elsewhere, including in Marseille. I ask the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, the truth about the available manpower. Having less human monitoring reinforces the insecurity. In addition, I ask an assessment of time separating the arrest of the assailants caught red-handed by their conviction. Without appear immediately, some of them are released and reoffend. Many acts being committed at the weekend or evening late, I propose to extend immediate appearances at night and on weekends. . Main facts can be studied reading the following url.

All the reforms of the Jobs Act: article 18 universal subsidy.

Here is a summary what is the provvedimentoContratto to increasing safeguards changes to article 18 of the Statute of workers, clarification on the granting of social shock absorbers, new rules on remote controls, overcoming of collaborations and continuous coordinates, resetting the vacatio legis period following the entry into force of the Act on the day following the publication in the Gazette: are the main changes to the Jobs act passed today by the House. The Bill that provides five delegations to return Government now at second reading in the Senate to close by 9 December and approve major decrees delegates by the end of the year. -Here is the open-ended contract to increasing safeguards in relation to the length of service for all new recruits. In the text have been introduced in the House amendments to article 18 of the Statute of workers, with the possibility of restores in the workplace in case of unlawful dismissals not only limited to those invalid and discriminatory but also a ” specific cases ” by those specifications (related to the worker’s behavior). Will be delegated decrees to determine which will be the case. About dismissals for economic reasons (business) will be only considered unjustified compensation. Igc-reform will be unable to authorize the IGC in case of termination of business activities (the work of the Commission has added the word ‘ final ‘ ‘ ‘ the text arrived by the Senate). The aim is to ensure a universal assurance system for all workers with protections and uniforms related to the worker’s contribution history. Will be reviewed the duration of compensation (now the roof is two years for ordinary cash and four for the extraordinary) and will be provided for greater involvement on the part of companies that use it. It points to the reduction of the rates of ordinary contribution (now at 1.9% of the wage) with the modification of the same sectors on the basis of actual use. Aspi-reform The unemployment duration of treatment should be compared to the ‘ previous ‘ contributory ‘ history ‘ of the worker with the increase of the maximum duration (for now set at 18 months a scheme in 2016, ndr) for those with the most relevant careers. You want to extend your Reels to employees up to this type of employment relationship. For people in a situation of economic hardship could be introduced after the fruition of a further performance possibly Aspi without imputed contributions. Streamlining recruitment and incentives for self-employment-You establish a national employment Agency and aims to simplify and streamline procedures for the establishment and management of labour relations in order to reduce the obligations to be borne by citizens and businesses. The aim is to carry out all the formalities electronically. . For more insights about this matter click fact.

Laurence Rossignol relaunching the debate on the spanking.

Pat on the hand, slap or spanking: while more than one parent on three recently confessed to having used his "right of correction" within a family, the subject of the prohibition of the Freehand on the youngest in the civil Code is not consensus. In addition, the tumultuous episodes of the marriage for all or the outcry of equal ABCD incite the Government for restraint. ‘I want society to take up the subject, and so legislation could come to sanctify something desired by the greatest number’, so carefully dropped Tuesday Laurence Rossignol before the child protection associations. In this strained context, counsel for the association children and sharing, Me Agathe Morel, suggests otherwise wondering about this debate, which can both be smirking that annoy. "Prohibit spanking as such does not solve anything. We do not need a new law, but a true reflection on this "right of correction" now granted to parents in France, she said. Should well obviously not aim exceeded MOM who distributes a slap an evening of fatigue but open our eyes to these families where the smacking, spanking and humiliation are part of everyday life. » Educational violence today "insufficiently taken into account" according to the association, which recalls that approximately two children die every day under the blows of their parents. . Main data may be studied clicking the following home page.

New alterations in the rules of the Assembly commission.

The delegation of vote advertising, negotiation of a statute for the parliamentary staff, or exceptions to the retransmission of the debates in the Committee: Members have made Wednesday a few touches to a proposal for amendment of the regulations of the Assembly. This proposed amendment, submitted by the president of the Assembly Claude Bartolone PS) and whose commission review must end Wednesday night, will be debated and amended on 26 November in the Chamber. The law commission has developed its paw, integrating on a suggestion ecologist the principle of transparency of the delegations of vote, which will be published in the Official Journal following the record of each meeting. The delegations are limited to one per Member since 1993. The existence of the register of interest representatives, online since early 2014 on the site of the Assembly, also was included in the regulation, via an amendment ecologist. In addition, parliamentary staff, which are currently 2. 090 from 577 deputies, will benefit from a status which will be negotiated with their professional organisations, under amendments to the president of the commission of the laws, Jean-Jacques Victor (PS). These votes were welcomed by their organizations, SNCP and AFCP, claiming a status for a long time. Employees are bound by a contract of private law to their MP-employer, like the employees of very small business (TPE) benefiting or d? a collective nor d? no status defined, what constitutes an exception on the labour market, says Robert, himself a former assistant parliamentary. It considers that such a situation night both the employees in question qu? l? image of l?National Assembly as qu? institution. Furthermore, on the sensitive issue of the publicity of debates in Committee, that the Socialists wanted not systematic, a compromise was found, by an amendment by Mr. Urvoas. Mr. Bartolone resolution proposal the principle of publicity of the work of the committees unless derogation in exceptional and motivated by their respective offices. The adopted amendment maintains the exceptional character of the derogation for legislative work, but removes it for non-legislative work, as the hearings of personalities, i.e. facilitates these discussions behind closed doors. This element of flexibility could find in s? apply to committees (Foreign Affairs, defence, European Affairs, etc.) regularly through hearings calling some discretion, notes Mr. Urvoas. . For additional facts regarding this matter check site.

Russia-Hungary: relations based on pragmatism (Lavrov).

Russian and Hungarian Foreign Ministers, Sergei Lavrov and Peter Szijjarto, stressed the importance of relations between the two countries, stating that it was a partnership based on pragmatism.    Our relations, based on long traditions of mutual respect and friendship, are characterized by the desire to develop joint projects mutually beneficial in a constructive and pragmatic spirit, said Mr Lavrov.    He recalled that during their meeting in Moscow last January, Russian president Vladimir Poutine and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had concluded important agreements.  It is now necessary to see how they are applied, especially given your status as second Co-Chairman of the Hungarian intergovernmental commission for economic cooperation, said the head of Russian diplomacy.    For his part, Peter Szijjarto noted that it was very important to personally examine the development of our bilateral relations.    The Hungary regards Russia as a key partner. Given that the Russia is the largest partner [in Hungary] outside the European Union and that it plays a very important role in the delivery of energy to the countries of Central Europe, we are delighted to cooperate in improving energy security in the region, said Hungarian Minister. . For extra facts on this topic visit http://74a8d1acb0731d0bdd83c3225f7c0427.closely.biz.

M5S: voter grillino still exists? Yes, but it has cooled.

The dispute with Paola Tavern, perhaps, something he says. To tell you the truth, with the passing of the hours, that of Kolhapur was a dispute somewhat fanciful. One of the protesters was not a city any but that Sandra Zampataro, Pd 24 position candidate for the city of Rome. And 20 people shouting at the Tavern to leave because "we don’t want politicians", then, you are locked in a meeting with the Chairman of the Town Hall (also Pd). Rebellion of the square, or hand piddina is, however, a feeling that the movement 5 Stars is no longer the preferred Terminal of protest and anger. The tavern he repeated "not be a politics," eager to emphasise the differences between "us" and "them" that much work to 2013 and today is less effective. In this context, drastically changed from just six months ago (when somebody believed even overtaking), feels like a 5-star voter? Not a staunch activist, not one of those that we inform you on the net. We refer here to the voter "municipality": what do you think? Probably the rivoterebbe, considered that the pollsters continue to give the M5S at 20%. The figure, more or less, obtained in May. Potential votes, in fact, have risen, because abstention is dropped. However, it is not lowered Renzi, not enough at least for 5 Stars. And in the meantime grows Lega Nord. The 5-star voter probably the lessons learned from previous, but more coldly. Perhaps rivoterebbe them because there is nothing better. Perhaps because it drops in Landini; Maybe because dying Christian Democrats, and therefore renziani, there is time. However, a vote is less convinced and fatally disillusioned. More than victory, the hope seems to be an Honourable defeat: an honest opposition. What he has chilled the voter 5 stars? Maybe you see them more in TV, maybe not know next to nothing of what they do: the Taliban would respond that "networking is everything," but the retiree or homemaker very rarely compulsano the facebook page of Vito Crimi. The 5-star voter has cooled because, especially after Europe saw many members behave as if their was an elite club: a club d’essai to the initiates, who does not seek new members but prefers to convince the already convinced and say (alone) "we are the best". Exactly what you want Renzi. The 5-star voter has cooled because, despite not having never trusted Bersani nor have ever loved Prodi, thinks that in certain joints the 5 Stars were supposed to be more tactical and less duropuristi. The voter 5 Stars is cool because some post of cricket seem masochistic and if you’re still attaccaread Maleki journalists ends that comes almost want to reevaluate them all, but everyone, even Pigi Baptist and Menichini. The voter 5 Stars is cool because there is something in the House-holder that just don’t get it. The voter 5 Stars is cool, because the agreement with Farage, however strategically "necessary" is indigestible yesterday as today (and the voter 5 Stars is a demanding, is not used to swallowing toads. No vote Pd). The common 5-star voter is currently cooled because, if you promise utopia but not keep, then the disillusionment is brutal. And at that point, anyone who has "dared" embody the true change, pay beyond its demerits. Getting more criticism than you deserve. . Similar text can be found visiting web site.