Sio, the Italian cartoonist of Youtube.

What effect have the famous songs translated with Google Translate? Apparently do not make sense and this makes them potentially amusing to build a video. Was born so to case the adventures of Simone Albrigi on YouTube, with a parody of "Call Me Carly Rae Jepsen’s Mahendran. Sio, so they know the friends on the net, is the father of Scottecs the cartoon character that is finding more and more fans. Simone’s YouTube channel has almost 600 thousand members and 63 million views, numbers that make envy on TV in prime time. "When I was bored in school drawing on books and exercise books to pass the time but didn’t think this passion would become one day my work," says Corriere Simone. "Scottecs is born from a roll of paper with glasses who suddenly came to life and then became my main character". At the beginning the Sio is called just like the famous toilet paper, but then the growing reputation of the character has forced the author to change the "x" with "cs" to avoid copyright issues. Wise operation since Scottecs is just landed on Youtube, the phenomenon has done boom. "Because I love experience, one day I tried to do a cartoon and I put it on YouTube, in 24 hours he made just 100 thousand views, a truly unexpected success that has slightly changed my life. Thanks to YouTube I realized that I could live doing what I like the most: drawing, "says Simon. The channel begins to grind successes right away. Especially like an audience of young people, but there are many adults who appreciate the humour of Simon, a comedy based on nonsense. "I am the first who loves to laugh, and I love the humour of Monty Python that, at least in part, inspired me with an old edition of Disney called Mickey Laugh," says Simon. Videos of Sio favolette are read, funny, sometimes absurd but funny anyway. It is a skillful Alchemy between beats through gritted teeth and a very incisive pen and recognizable in the various fictional characters by Simone. Besides humans, Scottecs are highly prized clips featuring Dr. Culocane, a parody of documentary filmmakers, scientists and grandfather Laser, a Spry old man with superpowers. "My characters are the result of an inner search, usually jump out after I fixed the white wall for hours and even though a lot of my fans are required to perform other characters I try to remain myself. If I keep playing myself, I’m sure you enjoy them too, "explains Simon. Often, confesses Sio, waives take jobs in order to have time to publish at least a couple of videos per month on its channel not frustrating for his audience of followers. Joined the Yam112003 family, one of the first digital agencies in Italy, to Simon there are nevertheless new projects. In addition to his daily strip on his Facebook page and the comic books, Simon has just launched a new YouTube channel in English and is working on his first video game entitled Super Dog Magic Zero. This is a role-playing game in The Legend of Zelda, where Coso, naïve protagonist who believes everything you see on tv, will use his stupidity for saving the planet and retrieve the Magic dog. This game will be one of the flagship projects of crowdfunding platform Eppela and will be presented at the Lucca Comics on October 30. . Additional data can be inspected reading

Finnish postage stamp: gays with love to Moscow.

There are three Finnish a euro – stamps, which make Russia nervous: to see men with moustache and tight shirts, which somehow reminiscent of the village people are. One of the two non-leather boots and gloves, were wearing the Lords to the licking may come but also from the Russian taiga. Two real guys just. Except that one of them is naked and on one of the brands showing even his bare ass. What is normal in the Finnish sauna, ensures outrage at the neighbouring Russia. But so far, the Finns seem him this favour not to do. On the contrary. Since the date of issue on 8 September, the brands break all records, reports Finnish Post Itella. The motives are as successful as previously no Finnish brand. They were already sold out at many post offices, were received from more than 178 countries orders in our online shop. That forced even the server to its knees at the date of purchase. . For extended facts about this matter click link.

Google’s “Inbox”: What was the number of the pizza delivery?.

At last! Google has released a new trailer, in which the young middle class once again enjoys her life to the fullest: Skate Park, beach, a hug with your best friend, a birthday party on a roof – a fantastic life, the Google of its audience is located. The fleet of foot as a life plan, drawn in the most colorful colours of Google’s world. Also this film actually asks the question, how long you can refuse yet. Further Google enters the user behavior, by examining the messages on key information and these are then highlighted in the appearance. The service also displays information from the Internet. For example, the status of flights at the airport, or the whereabouts of a package order. So far quite independent service "Google Now" is thus more integrated into the new service. Critics are already heard, who warn of an intensification of the digital profile education in the background of the Google services. Google is closer to the long the aim of helpers to make computer, which meet the people at eye level with this step. Users can tell Google what they actually are, instead of to share their plans in individual steps: who wants to build, needs phone number, directions and opening hours of a construction market–all to be in the future to learn in one go. Online booking for a table in a restaurant, "Inbox" adds driving directions via Google maps and a link to the confirmation email. "Your to – do’s on your own terms" it is in Google’s advertising message. Who couldn’t care less out of Google’s behavior recommendations, can be found in the future more time for skateboard tricks and walks with friends. . For additional insights regarding this topic click website.

Umbria, challenged by the parents of the kids because gay: dance teacher leaves the school.

ROME-From 12 years is a master of dance and five works in schools as educational projects. Now it has been forced to abandon the post why homosexual. The umpteenth episode of discrimination is Passignano sul Trasimeno Lake, Umbria, where the headmaster istituto comprensivo di Tuoro and Passignano Dalmazio Birago seen delivering one in which a group of parents claimed that the teacher is not the person suited to teaching because it does not have the requisite conditions, but actually because homosexual. The young teacher, tells the newspaper The Courier Umbria, also sent him a letter in which he announced his resignation. As for my professionalism-wrote the teacher explaining the reasons for its decision-support not having to blame anything, because I know my skills and my limits, and in my life I never tried to be who they are. My diplomas and certificates of dance allow me to teach the disciplines that I propose in an amateur. It is absolutely not true that I can’t do what I do. What is most unfortunate about my privacy, however. Know that there are still people who would be willing to make their children’s relief project is presented by me-continued the teacher-because of my ‘ lifestyle ‘, I feel really sleazy; especially when in my life I have always tried to let me know to my skills and not for anything else. This is not a rumor, but in my life. But the headmaster, Massimo Mariani, there is: for us, the guy’s resume is perfectly compatible, then a mother raised a personal problem, "says Mariani-namely that he would not have enrolled her son at the course because you believe the person was appropriate, as homosexual. The school takes a net position, supporting the teacher: for us it is a great regret and strong displeasure, explains Mariani-know that the guy has resigned from the project. We also know that is much loved by students and now it will be difficult to explain to them that the project danced this year will not. And to give an unequivocal signal adds: we decided that unless he’ll do it won’t do anybody. The project is still in training because the school can’t make it complicit in a similar attack on the personal sphere. . You must click this to discover more about this great matter.

Public debt: Helps a clean cut?.

Mark, we need to talk about a number: 94 percent. The public debt will rise to this value in the euro area this year, measured on the overall economic performance. You can argue about when debt is dangerous, but even, if one sees things rather calmly, you can find not correct such high levels of debt. In Greece and Italy the debt ratios are well over 120 percent, and the high debt burden prevents that the economies to recover. Sooner or later it will have to be debt relief, and given new tensions on the financial markets, it would be appropriate today to start the negotiations. Specifically, it needed a debt Conference for the countries of Europe, such as once in 1953 in London, as part of its foreign debt was issued in Germany. Should bring together Governments and creditors on a table as they did, and at the end of the debt of the crisis States should be lower than they are today. . For extended on this topic click

Canada: Assassin was reportedly on terrorist list.

The suspected bombers killed in the attack on the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa has been known to the authorities after reports in several media as "highly dangerous". The man was the 32-year-old Canadian, Michael Z., the American broadcaster CBS and the Canadian newspaper "Globe and Mail" reported on Wednesday. Michael Z. was born in 1982 reported in Quebec – son of a businessman and a civil servant of the "immigration and Refugee Board of Canada". He should, "Globe and Mail", writes in Ottawa and Montreal have grown up and have spent some time in Libya before he found Canada’s work in the West. A friend of the assassin according to "Globe and Mail" reported that he met Michael Z. about three years ago in a mosque in Burnaby to Vancouver. He was not noticed by extremist views, spoke repeatedly of the devil, who was behind him. "I think he must have been insane." Stopped Michael Z. was revealed by the "Sergeant at arms" and Security Chief of the Canadian Parliament. Thus, Kevin Vickers had prevented probably worse, the reported news channel CNN. Deputies and officers owed their safety, even their lives, "Sergeant at arms" Vickers, tweeted the Deputy Craig Scott. He shot the bomber before the Group rooms. The authorities initially not confirmed Vickers’ role on Thursday. . Related information can be read checking info.

ROME-The clothes do not make the monk, but the worker yea. At least according to a study by Adam d. Galinsky, who teaches Management at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University, the American University established in Illinois. Through the experiments they Galinsky leads already for some years, demonstrated how the simple act of wearing certain clothes helps to improve performance. Scholars have defined enclothed cognition, that we might translate with cognition or consciousness apparel worn. And relies on symbolic importance that we give to our clothes, but also on physical experience to wear them. To draw its conclusions, the scholar has done several experiments, including the most interesting is that in which some people were made to wear a white coat and then they were asked to perform some tasks. But if some were told that the Immaculate gown was a doctor coat, others were done for that of a painter. The result was that whoever thought of wearing a lab coat doctor has made best performances of those believed to be in the shoes, albeit Immaculate, a painter. Subsequent interviews have shown that the doctor’s suggested overall accuracy, attention, caution: while the painter was more related to the idea of creative chaos. And the physical experience of wearing that head would feel the subjects participating in the experiment literally a symbolic role invested overall suggested: just like a costume to follow the rules of a role-playing game. This is because, explains Dr. Galinsky we don’t think only with our brain: but even with our body. Or our mental processes are based on physical experiences associated with abstract concepts and even the mere fact of wearing an outfit instead of another fall into those processes. But it is not only the sense of security that some garments offer the wearer to affect performance. Of course, a jacket and tie for men or women’s suits have long been considered as contemporary armour, which help to make you feel more confident wearer. But the American scholar experiments have also noticed another thing: a person naturally well dressed most inspires confidence in his colleagues: provided, however, that the taste is the same. The key, says the scientist, is the consistency of style: clothing is striking because it epitomizes the way other people see us, but also what we think of ourselves and express ourselves with our clothes. In fact another experiment conducted by Galinsky has shown that women who show up at job interviews dressed in rigorously, with male and female heads more, are more likely to be hired. And those who wear formal dresses cul jobs are perceived as smarter colleagues who dressed so casual. But why, then, in the 1990s-with the dotcom boom-casual clothing at work became the new fashion? In that context, the concept was to make more smart and youthful appearance: in line with the modernity of the proposal. The best thing, however, suggest the experts, is of exquisite common sense: always wear clothes that make you feel at ease. Because the attitude of the body in an unsuitable dress says much more than the wearer of any head signed. . For more on this subject visit

Assad or EI: the West struggles to choose its priorities.

In the opinion of experts, this scandalous incident proves once again the need for cooperation between the Western coalition and Damascus. Moreover, jihadists conduct their operations with increasing success, believes the Russian expert for the Middle East and the Caucasus, Stanislav Tarasov. The fights are carried out on two directions: Syrian and Iraqi. A United front is actually formed. Hostilities may possibly extend to the border regions of Turkey. Operations on the ground against the Islamists are conducted by Kurdish detachments. Partially the fighting committed militants of the Kurdistan Workers Party, considered in Turkey as a terrorist. The EIS currently controls nearly half of the Iraq, and one-third of the Syria. It’s the huge territory. It must be recognized that potential jihadists is still quite important. The EIS, forts of staff units representing a total of some 50. 000 troops, lead operations professionally. This is no longer a guerrilla campaign, even if the jihadists have a guerrilla war. Experts can get rid of the impression that the United States are unable to determine their objectives and tasks in this region. According to Judge Tarassov, Americans currently have in the Middle East of an armed group of 150. 000-170. 000 troops, a significant combat infrastructure. Both the Pentagon experts say that without an operation on the ground it will not defeat the EIS. If the United States and its allies to decide, an operation full format will take only two or three weeks maximum. However the Americans are holding back for the moment to take this step. They evoke other time limits: two-three years. More importantly, they are forming a disparate coalition, saying allies need to prepare for a lasting war. We wonder what all this is done. The Americans claim that their main objective is the Islamic State. While the Turkey point Bashar al-Assad. In other words, in the camp of the adversaries of the EIS there differences and hesitations. Without a doubt, that the coalition forces will not miss the opportunity to destroy the regime of Bashar al-Assad. It remains to be seen which of the two targets – Mr. Assad or the IC – they consider as a priority at the given stage. If they are Islamists, the West could abandon its doctrine of exporting democracy and take Damascus otherwise to ally, at least for companion. This would reduce costs and preserve lots of lives of coalition troops. So much more than a such approach would fit very well in basic values, that the White House is committed to defend throughout the world. . Original facts may be found clicking this

Champions League: Bayer after duty victory against Zenit group.

Has a double strike five minutes from Bayer Leverkusen a big step towards the Champions League first knockout made. Goals from Giulio Donati (58th) and Kyriakos Papadopoulos (63) is the eleven by coach St. Petersburg 2-0 (0-0) in the six-point game against Zenit came on Wednesday to the second win in the third match of the premier class Roger Schmidt and jumped to first place in Group C. This showed the Rhinelander after the perceived defeat in Stuttgart (Rudi Völler) the hoped-for reaction and can now a little less travel for the return leg to St. Petersburg in three weeks. The Leverkusen more million revenue may hope for a progress in the Champions League. Money, which could well use Bayer after the Cologne regional court had sentenced the Club on Wednesday morning to the repayment of sponsorship money amounting to 16 million euro to the creditors of the bankrupt received cheap electricity provider Teldafax. Before 27 254 spectators in the well-stocked BayArena, Schmidt landed this two lucky handles. Donati, who was also in the current season so far not on the reservist role, downshifted for Roberto Hilbert in the team and repaid the faith with its all-important opening goal from 18 yards. And Papadopoulos hit 71st per head for a decisive 2-0 only three minutes. At two gates, Hakan Calhanoglu did the spadework. The final phase was over Bayer outnumbered, after the Brazilian Wendell saw the yellow red card for hand game (79.). So Bayer succeeded after the 3-1 against Benfica Lisbon the second home win. Then it had not looked even in the first half. Although the Leverkusen with usual early pressing with the internationals returned after injuring tendons in the team Lars Bender gave more stability in the defensive midfield the Rhinelander acted. In the offensive the compelling ideas were missing but against the well progressive Tabellenersten of the Russian Premier League often, so rarely compelling opportunities to score jumped out. Still the best ways for the hosts in the first half were two headers by Emir Spahic (6) and Calhanoglu (40th) in a promising position and a long-range shot by Heung min son (40th). JURI Lodygin wasn’t correctly required in the gate of the Russians. For this but also the least criticized Bayer defensive admitted little, after Bayer had lost even a 3-0 at Stuttgart last Saturday. Schmidt had made changes on both flanks. In addition to of the Donati taking also Wendell for Tin Jedvaj had come in the team. The variation went on. So, Zenit, which won in 2008 on the way to the UEFA Cup victory in the quarter-finals 4-1 in Leverkusen in the first 45 minutes only to two smaller chances with shots by Danny came Hulk (41) (5) and the Brazilian World Cup player. . You must visit the following to discover more regarding this interesting matter.

Roma-Bayern Munich: Neuer details that make the difference.

Kickoff: Bayern beats at the Center almost wanting to suck in recoil Roma in their own half. At one point Totti and Gervinho close Benatia in a corner. Neuer reads the fix of the companion and goes out of your area to go to suggest the passage behind. Technically it says go give support, recreating the numerical parity situation. He is never seen in Italy a goalkeeper come out almost to the foul line to get lateral the ball? 13 ‘: The Rome wound from Robben scores tries to react. Bayern doesn’t want to lose control of the ball. Boateng pressed by Totti would have returned at random if Neuer had not invited, advancing, to pass the ball sideways in a free space. Giving support to the mate easily create the "2 against 1". Ever seen a doorman outside the penalty area with a partner to create a numerical superiority from behind? 40 ‘: the game is closed since Rome already under 5 goals. On the through ball to Totti for Iturbe Neuer reads the intentions for time and easily intercepted the ball in low output (Photo 3). Another goalie would have crumpled on the ball to pass some time and pick up the team. Neuer, however, raises from the ground immediately Robben in band to restart the action. It’s called transition and cuts out at least 5 players of Rome. . You can visit this to discover extra regarding this amazing subject.