United States: the murderer of John Lennon kept in detention.

Mark David Chapman, the killer of former Beatle John Lennon, is denied Friday an eighth application for release by the prison authorities of the State of New York. "The application is dismissed. "After review (,.) the panel has determined if (you are) released now, there is a reasonable possibility that you may not live in freedom without again violating the law, and your release is incompatible with the welfare of society (,.)", explained the commission on review of sentences. Mark David Chapman, 59, had been interviewed by video conference Wednesday from his cell at the high security prison of Wende, in Alden, New York. Chapman killed John Lennon at the foot of his New York apartment building on December 8, 1980. He had taken five times against the singer, while he was returning home with his wife Yoko Ono approximately 22:50 in his Dakota building, on the edge of Central park. Lennon was pronounced dead at the hospital at 11: 15 pm. Yoko Ono is fiercely opposed to the release of Chapman. He was sentenced in 1981 to a sentence of 20 years in prison to life imprisonment. It was released in December 2000, and it has since unsuccessfully asked every two years his release. The new application is already programmed for August 2016, according to the crime authorities. . Extended facts can be inspected clicking link.

Aid convoy in Eastern Ukraine: United States demand Russian withdrawal.

The Security Council of the United Nations convened a special session in a hurry this Friday. 21 CEST, the most powerful UN body in New York wanted to deal with the controversial crossing of aid convoys. The session should not be public. The Chancellor urged in the telephone calls with the President also quickly come to an agreement on a ceasefire and the protection of the Russian Ukrainian border. Merkel is expected this Saturday in Kiev. It will be a sign of support for the Ukraine beleaguered by Russia thus. She travels for the first time since the crisis began end of 2013 in the Ukraine. Merkel wants to discuss with President Poroschenko way to a ceasefire in the East of the country. In addition, an exchange of views with the mayors of Kiev, Donetsk and Lviv (Lemberg) and by a representative of the Crimean Tatars is planned. In the spring, the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea by Russia was been annexed. Kremlin Chief Vladimir Putin rejected the criticism of the convoy in the phone call with Merkel. The leadership in Kiev have repeatedly delayed permission to cross the border, so that Moscow finally had to make a decision, the President said. Putin Merkel told his "serious concern" that the Government in Kiev increasingly under fire take Luhansk and Donetsk and thereby to take civilian casualties in purchase. All about 280 Russian trucks of aid convoy arrived according to the municipal administration in the embattled city of Luhansk. "Currently the loading/unloading of goods has started, which are then distributed among the inhabitants", a spokesman said Friday of the Agency Interfax according to. The Russian State television showed alleged pictures of the arrival. This was to see how bags of the white-painted trucks in storage were brought. The authorities have classified the needy groups in Luhansk, traded to the that food would be about 2000 tons, it said. Part of the charge will probably brought to Donetsk. The city is under the control of pro-Russian separatists. Experts were puzzled that she as completely undisturbed to be driven three kilometre long truck convoy from the Russian border in the nearly 100 km from Lugansk in Kiev. The Ukrainian army had repeatedly said the city was cordoned off. In Lugansk, about 200 live according to the authorities. 000 inhabitants since about two weeks without electricity or water. . Inspirational data could be read checking the following http://floraprima.loistempleton.com.

Recovered patients: hopes for a cure of Ebola.

The World Health Organization announced that after treatment with the experimental drug ZMapp Ebola patients in Liberia were on the mend. A nurse and a doctor, which had infected at work, a significant improvement in the health status was entered each. The condition of another with the product of treated doctor in Liberia is still serious, but his improvement was observed. In the United States, two with Ebola and ZMapp-treated patients for healthy were declared on Thursday. They had become infected in relief operations in Liberia and were flown by a special plane for about three weeks ago. On the other hand, a Spanish priest, who himself had been infected with the virus, died but despite ZMapp treatment. In addition, that the inventories of the product are used up according to WHO. It was unclear when the US manufacturer again can deliver doses. There are only small amounts of experimental also by other means that could be used for the treatment or vaccination, according to the WHO. Their use is so useful, they will stop probably if anything only because the current Ebola outbreak one reason for this is that many families hiding infected family members in their homes, WHO announced on Friday. Since there is no cure, many believe that it is comforting for their ill relatives to die at home. Her husband had travelled to Lagos out of desperation, because he himself promised better medical care, the widow living in the United States according to Nigerian newspapers reported. Previously, his sister had died of Ebola. It is deeply sad that her husband brought suffering and death to Nigeria. In the most populous country in Africa, so far four people have died from Ebola, more than a dozen cases were reported from there. . Additional info can be found checking http://floraprima.loistempleton.com.

Northern Cyprus, first country visited by Erdogan as Turkish president.

The Republic not recognized in Northern Cyprus will be the first country that will welcome Recep Tayyip Erdogan as Turkish president, reported Friday the Agency CIHAN.    Following the intervention of Turkey in 1974, Cyprus has been divided into two separate States: the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The latter is recognized by the Turkey. Negotiations on the reunification of the island resumed in February after two years of interruption.    On August 10, Mr Erdogan won with 52% of the vote, the first direct election of the head of State in the history of the Turkey. His inauguration is scheduled on August 28. On 1 September, the new Turkish president will visit Northern Cyprus and on 3 September, he will make an official visit to Azerbaijan.    On 4 and 5 September, Mr Erdogan will participate in the NATO Summit which will take place in Newport (Wales). He will visit from 21 to 26 September in the United States to take part in a General Assembly of the United Nations. . Additional information can be read reading reference.

Canada: inflation of 2.1% year on year in July (2.4% in June).

The Canada consumer prices increased by 2.1 percent in July over one year, a slight slowdown on the annual rate of 2.4% in June, the Statistics Institute announced on Friday. The trend is almost in line with the expectations of analysts, whose consensus was an increase of 2.2% over one year. Excluding food, tobacco and energy, the consumer price index rose by 1.7% compared with 1.8% YOY in June. This index, especially followed by the Central Bank to determine its monetary policy is close to the target of 2% desired by the institut d’emission when growth remains moderate. Inflation for all the great posts households remains closed with a slight decrease for the transport position. For food, the labels showed prices up 2.9% over one year, a rate identical to that observed in June with a still strong tension on the price of meat (+ 9.2%) and fresh vegetables (+ 7.5%). Alcohol and tobacco prices rose by 4.7% the month last mainly under the effect of the bond of 10.7 per cent of the price of cigarettes with in some provinces the increase in taxation. For the component housing of the household budget, the price YOY increase was 3% in July (+ 2.9% in June) mainly with the surge in the price of natural gas by 20.4%. In transport, inflationary pressures in recent months as the rise of prices of fuels have been less strong. Transportation prices showed an increase of 1.3 percent in July over one year (+ 2.2% in June). Clothing and footwear prices rose month last 1.5% over one year (+ 1.6% in June). . Similar info can be read checking http://floraprima.loistempleton.com.

Accident in Bresciano, councilor Beccalossi: “I don’t mind that this Romanian has died”.

«One comment, maybe bad and not usual for a "political": I don’t mind at all that this Romanian drunk and murderer is dead indeed. And a prayer for Greta and her dad». So, on his Facebook page, the regional councillor to the territory of the Lombardia region, Viviana Beccalossi, says the incident happened last night in bresciano, in Verolanuova, and cost the lives of two children, brother and sister, respectively, 11 and 5 years. Together with them also died the driver of the car that has heeled, mentioned Beccalossi: it is a 19 year-old Romanian in origin.   The Regional Councillor Larry Viviana Beccalossi "correct its position, it would gain the credibility of politics and institutions," said Pradeep Girelli, Adviser to the Democratic Party and President of the Antimafia Commission of the Regional Council of Lombardy, after the ‘ I don’t mind ‘ written on Facebook from Fdi exponent about the death of the young Romanian that would have caused the crash in Verolanuova (Brescia) where two children were killed. «Show satisfaction with the death of a person, a young man of 19 years, supposedly caused the tragic death of two children and injuring the father-he writes blog Walkers Pd-group, giving a certain set of circumstances ("drunk driving"), without waiting for any response, but even more how a charge no matter the nationality, "Romanian", I think it is politicallyculturally, institutionally, and Christian acceptable».   . Similar info can be inspected checking http://floraprima.loistempleton.com.

Thrust into the Gaza Strip–Germany and EU partners want observer mission.

The resolution will contain also an opening of the border with the Gaza Strip – with simultaneous control of the movement of goods, to prevent a buildup of the Hamas. The paper includes also security guarantees for Israel. The EU offered to invest more in Gaza in the framework of the resolution. The observers there should be more a political than a military mission, so there would be no peacekeeping mandate. Israel, meanwhile, prepares a further tightening of the Gaza war and appoints a 10 000 reservists. At the same time, the air force continued its attacks in the Palestinian area on the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday. In total, 38 people died according to the Palestinian News Agency Maan on Thursday.   Later, the Israeli army killed a senior member of the Islamic Jihad. The man had been taken in a building, which previously were fired missiles at Israel, the military announced on Thursday. First, the name of the killed was not known.    The military arm of Hamas, the Qassam Brigades, were combative: the killing of our leader will not weaken us, it said in a release. The three leaders have sacrificed their blood for their own people. The renewed mobilization in Israel was considered a warning sign indicated that a new ground offensive Israel could face. When Israel sent between July 17 and August 3 with ground forces into the Gaza Strip, 82 000 reservists were been convened.   . Similar facts can be found checking article.

United States fail to release of U.S. hostages in Syria.

The beheading of the 40th world triggered horror. The terrorists had released a video showing the death of reporter missing for 2012 in Syria. US President Barack Obama condemned the beheading of Foley’s sharp words. The Act shocked the consciousness of the entire world, he told Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts at his resort. The IS terrorist militias sought a genocide of an ancient people, they had no appreciation for human life. The terrorists have no place in the 21st century, he said. According to the New York ransoms from European countries times have become the main income of Al Qaeda and its offshoots. You would have taken at least $125 million in ransom in the past five years, a study of the newspaper. Experts and media in the United States comment on this increasingly critical. According to human rights activists, the terrorist militia has at least 4000 prisoners in Syria in their violence. Among them are also a few dozen foreigners, a spokesman said the Syrian Observatory for human rights of the dpa. About 20 prisoners were Americans and Europeans. IS extremists held captive for them in various places in Syria, especially in Al Rakka, but also in Deir as Saur or Aleppo. U.S. warplanes again flew attacks on IS fighters in the North of Iraq on Thursday. At least 35 extremists had been killed South of Mosul Dam, the Iraqi news site reported Al-Sumaria news. The U.S. central command in Tampa, Florida had already signed 14 IS fighter attacking at night. While several vehicles have been destroyed or damaged. For the end of September, Obama invited to a terrorism Summit in New York. The heads of State and Government of the five veto-wielding UN should take part in the meeting, said Marie Harf, spokeswoman at the US State Department in Washington. Also Russia, Britain, France and China belong to the veto powers in the UN Security Council besides the United States. The Islamic State will establish a transnational Caliphate with Iraq and Syria, and has already committed numerous atrocities against civilians. Also Germany and Italy want to supply therefore Kurds in the northern Iraq, as well as the Iraqi army with weapons. Previously, already Britain and France had provided arms deliveries to combat the IS in prospect. . For more data about this matter check homepage.

Russia: McDonald’s has over the coast.

Among the institutions concerned is the first institution in the country, symbol of the Perestroika but also McDo busiest in the world, whose glass doors were Thursday sealed by bands of paper bearing the stamp of the consumer protection agency. Only a few disappointed customers turning path, most passers-by being already aware. You live in another country? jokes Ivan when asked why the establishment is closed. There may be health problems, but my impression is that it is related to the sanctions. What to do? It is the war. Officially, the consumer protection agency said have found numerous violations of health standards. Chain risk fines exceeding 10 000 euros and closures up to 90 days for the relevant restaurants. According to the Kommersant newspaper, checks are carried out on direct orders from the Government, but the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets assured that there was no overall plan against the manufacturer of the Big Mac. In trouble in Asia due to the scandal of the rotting meat in China and seeking a new life in the U.S. market, McDonald’s has invested heavily in Russia, where it employs about 37,000 people. According to analysts of Morgan Stanley, the country represents more than 260 million euros in profits per year. The chain was already under fire from critics of nationalist – intending to demonstrate against it Friday in Moscow – for closed its restaurants in Crimea after the annexation of the peninsula by Moscow, then invoking economic and logistical reasons. She is just starting to engage in Siberia and is provided by numerous openings in the coming months, including in Omsk where the Governor Viktor Nazarov expressed his opposition. As a patriot, I am against the presence of McDonald’s in our region. Yankee, go! He said, according to Itar-Tass. . Extended text can be read clicking blog.

Syria: U.S. forces attempted this summer to release the hostages.

U.S. forces have conducted "this summer" an operation to rescue American hostages held by the Islamic State in Syria, but have failed, the Pentagon and the White House, the day after the broadcast of a video showing the execution of James Foley announced. "Earlier this summer, president (Obama) gave the green light to an operation to rescue U.S. citizens abducted and held against their will by the Islamic State in Syria", says Lisa Monaco, the Senior Adviser to president Barack Obama anti-terrorism, in a statement. The exact number of foreigners held hostage by jihadis in Syria and Iraq remains difficult to estimate, insofar as certain families and Governments have asked media not to reveal their disappearance, while the situation on the ground remains chaotic. But in addition to Steven Sotloff, include another American, journalist Austin Tice. This former Marine in Afghanistan and Iraq had arrived in may 2012 in Syria. It was entered by the Turkey, without a visa, a common practice among journalists covering the conflict. After traveling with rebels, he had rallied in August Damascus, where it lost its trace. . You should read this article to read extra on this amazing matter.