Tax advisors sought to blame for financial hardships at the tax office.

After the fatal shooting of an employee in the Finanzamt Rendsburg, the police in the House of the alleged offender has found a letter to his wife separated living from him. In writing, the 55-year-old tax consultant, should have killed the 57-year-old financial officials on Monday, the authority for its financial plight do responsible, learned on Tuesday from investigators circles the German press agency. With sharp words, he attacked the IRS. Whether the tax adviser, who owned several weapons as hunters, has announced the crime in writing, remained open. The public prosecutor’s Office in Kiel is not expressed to the letter. On Tuesday afternoon, the perpetrator from Fockbek near Rendsburg should be done before a prison judge. The public prosecutor’s Office in Kiel is murder. The autopsy results of the corpse was still standing. People who know the tax adviser for many years, describe him as notorious troublemakers, which should always have written letters and become representations in the tax office with complaints. Since an accident many years ago, the man in a wheelchair is instructed. He became politically active in the FDP and sits for the Liberals in the Municipal Council of Fockbek. "Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim," said the FDP State Chairman Heiner Garg. . Extended text can be read clicking

Cheating on taxes and social security contributions? -RAID! TV chef Johann Lafer in the sight of the public prosecutor’s Office.

On Monday, around 45 civil servants of Lafer had searches Stromberg and his cooking school Table d ‘ Or in Guldental restaurant as the authority confirmed on Tuesday. Now, the public prosecutor’s Office will evaluate the documents and electronic files. Among other things, the suspicion on evasion of income tax. Johann Lafer was not to reach for comment Tuesday afternoon. Initially, the Koblenz "Rhein-Zeitung" had reported about the investigation. Therefore, the investigators had confiscated boxful files and at least one computer. The Labour Court in Bad Kreuznach rejected the claim of his former housekeeper. The accusation: He paid enough social security taxes for their work. The Labour Court dismissed the lawsuit of a former housekeeper against Johann Lafer Bad Kreuznach. Lydia Dienz (57) had accused the Austrian TV chef, have too little paid social security contributions for their work in his private home. But the Court saw it differently. The decision concerns the payment action as well as the protection against dismissal complaint of the woman, the judge explained her decision. "As expected the suit was dismissed, what we have expected from the outset, as the claims are unjustified", confirmed Lafer’s lawyer to the TV magazine "RTL Exclusiv". . For additional information regarding this subject check

New survey on independence: Scots on course for split.

47 percent of the Scots To want vote according to YouGov opinion for separation from Great Britain. A month ago, there were only 41 percent. Although the independence opponents with 53 percent are still in the majority, but the separatists catch up rapidly. The referendum is on the 18th of September, they have still two weeks time. Independence is a real possibility, now Peter Kellner of head of YouGov said. The previously undecided voters change the poll mostly in the yes camp, are so for a fork – and in a ratio of 2 to 1. This is not least because that the independence campaign is better organized. 85 percent of respondents said to have been contacted by the Yes campaign. From the no campaign, only 75 percent said this. The Yes campaign weeks ago claimed that the polls are lagging behind reality. The no camp cot in a false sense of security, according to the campaign headquarters in hope Street, Glasgow. The campaigner, who went from door to door, reported a clear trend, says spokesman Roddy Thomson. In Glasgow it was already ahead, internal data showed a majority of 55 percent. The metropolitan area is considered crucial election with 1.7 million inhabitants. In Scotland are looking forward to the citizens of the decision. Evening for evening television shows broadcasts to Scotland in 2014. In endless rounds of talk are bombarded viewers with the same arguments. Do not turn off, on the contrary: campaigner determine a massive mobilization. People sign up in droves to choose, says spokesman Thomson. . You can read the following to read extra regarding this amazing matter.

Hepatitis C, with two drugs associated with healing up to 100%.

The European Commission has approved a new drug against hepatitis C virus (Hcv)-the daclatasvir of Bristol-Myers Squibb-which, when used in conjunction with the first new anti hepatitis C drug, sofosbuvir, reaches the healing rates up to 100% in adult patients through an oral regimen that involves taking once a day. This was announced by the company in a statement. The Daclatasvir in combination with sofosbuvir, says the company, ” it offers potentially care to a large population of patients with HCV, ” including those with advanced liver disease, those with genotype 3 infection and patients who have failed treatment with other medications (protease inhibitors). Daclatasvir in partnership with sofosbuvir is a whole regime without oral interferon that has provided healing rates up to 100% in clinical studies. Daclatasvir will be available for use in combination with other medicines, allowing a shorter treatment duration (12 or 24 weeks) compared to 48 weeks of treatment with Interferon-based schemes and Ribavirin. The approval enables commercialization of farmac or in all 28 EU Member States and follows the accelerated evaluation by the Committee for medicinal products for human use (CHMP), a recognized procedure for new drugs of interest to public health. HCV is a virus that is difficult to win and requires multiple modes of attack. . You must visit the following reference to learn more regarding this amazing matter.

The lesson of mountains to Renzi: “No to 80 euros. From me he reforms the slides “.

The former Prime Minister Mario Monti rejected (or almost) the Executive headed by Matteo Renzi. "My Government in a few days she fielded the pension reforms and taxation, introducing a de facto requirement. Concrete reforms, not slide. But if the Government is to be sent home, "said the Professor, who in an interview with Agora Summer defends her experience at Palazzo Chigi, starting with the reasons that led him to accept the position of President Napolitano and the subsequent general election candidacy of 2013," decision for me against nature because I saw with horror an Italy governed by a Center with Pdl, And brothers of Italy or a center where they were essential Sel et al., which in both cases would have been very much anti-European anti-discipline public finances ", explained the Senator for life and Civic leader of choice. "In 2011 we were in a very serious financial crisis, is now equally serious economic and social emergency. The political conditions are very different. Then I was called to the Government, was I not to ask. Today Radio went to the Government after having asked firmly. Then I wasn’t prepared to govern, Renzi has prepared at least a couple of years and has his dream job. It is therefore fair to expect more speed ". Remember the mountains present President of the Council "is trying to do his best, but realize it means displeasing". Then a suggestion: "Radhakrishnan is moving well in Europe, even though he has little experience, moves without complexes. Would recommend him to be more stable, less waddling and emotional. The Italy in these years never asked the exceptions of which he speaks. Then he says that Italy must return to be Europe’s help, but risks being seen as weak-willed ". "I would not have chosen the reimbursement of 80 euro as important measure. I would suggest then to Renzi to put on a website, as well as on reforms, also on "counter-reforms, says Monti. The counter-reforms, explains "are ongoing" and concern for example "the opening hours of shops on Sundays is doing back machine, the streamlining of the courts you’re stopping; then what President Damian tries to make with regard to pension reform. " . You can read this weblink to discover extra regarding this great matter.

Holland: The end, it is now.

You permit believe the Journ es la Rochelle, the Festival de Cannes and without panties, would be pr text clarifications, explanations and m me row: the routine in sum in a party dress by its diseases Manias groupusculaires irr. For more than forty years, he has never pass ch ance without one is y cr p t the bun: you probably conserv miserable memories of the congr s Metz, Rennes and Reims. Although do, knit, mandiez, d decide, you break everything you touch. But this hobby is not yours: County Valls and Mr de Macron young you have chip your toys: sceptre and Crown are in their hands and they hear point the dear sit l t. Unless your majority, e hole as a buckwheat galette, decides not to vote the budget, as well as you need to fear. He’ll have, once again, to troubleshoot negotiate, grant, grant, delay, m thats, quibble, to try to convince your own s ides of c der to the nes a sir unit which will only bring them n fles. And this will point the cake g. Because they are in the moment, good d cid s make you drool rounds of hat, even m me you d bolt, such the statue of a tyrant reversed by the crowd. � . Original data can be found checking this blog.

Brad and Angelina: honeymoon on a privatized island and a luxury yacht.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have waited a little more than nine years their honeymoon. But here they are newlyweds, they will finally be able to enjoy. For this they themselves are paid the privatization of an island and a luxury boat.  It takes at least it to accommodate all the small Pitt family!  Honeymooners, with their six children, are – in fact – honeymoon studious close to the island of Malta, on the island of Gozo, whose beaches are famous. The idea is that they can shoot scenes simply breathtaking for their next film, ‘By the sea’, where one will find Mélanie Laurent in the casting. An event since it will be the first time that the two lovebirds meet in the screen from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" in 2004. It is on the plateau of this blockbuster that their love affair was born. "By the Sea", Angelina Jolie has also written, promising during the presentation of the film, "crazy sex scenes. A whole program.   The couple is so inclined to protect his privacy, they also paid some inhabitants of Gozo, this Mediterranean island so calm, so he left the island two months,. According to the New York Post, a local source said that ‘Brangelina’ have already paid 200. 000 dollars to the local business leaders to set sail!  "Many people agreed to leave the island so that they can be quiet to shoot the film, said the same source.   The decor was built to recreate the Côte d’Azur. "The couple, he will live the time of the shooting on a three-masted than thirty meters benefiting from modern comforts. That should make the tasty honey moon.   . Root data may be studied checking the following web site.

Table tennis: on educational leave.

Caorle is called also small Venice. There are also small streets, numerous bell towers and houses in the Venetian colours. Therefore, it is not the worst place to tune in to a new season. Table tennis players of the second division SC Fürstenfeldbruck had on Monday made himself up, to train together in the Italian town on the Adriatic coast through Friday and get to know Each other also, as coach Andras Podpinka emphasises. On the cooperation it will be especially in the season playing for TSV beginning Königshofen on Saturday. Fürstenfeldbruck compete with one of the youngest teams in the newly created single League. We have together a viable team with A lot of potential Filip Cipin (21) and our Asians with Florian Schreiner (18), (23), Bojan Crepulja Podpinka says. The trainer itself travelled to the players, because he was still waiting for Lee Chia-sheng, who had only arrived in the afternoon in Munich. The 18-year old Taiwanese will play one on Saturday at position, the left-hander is brainy and listed in the world rankings at position 178. During the Cup qualifying tournament on Sunday, Lee had need, the SCF missed two 1:3-defeat against the League rivals of Passau and the third division side Hilpoltstein knockout. That was now no great disappointment for us because we played one without number, Podpinka confesses and adds: we could have won 3-0 against Passau. Carpenter and Crepulja lost after the victory of Cipín each in five sets. . You should visit this to read extra about this great topic.

German weapons for the northern Iraq: how the Bundeswehr rearms the Kurds.

Berlin – is now actively help the Kurds Germany after almost three weeks of deliberations and two top rounds the Chancellor in the fight against the Islamic State. It is a radical change of course in foreign policy. For the first time for years, Germany is engaged directly in an ongoing military conflict and supplies of weapons to the Pesh army by Kurdish President Massoud bar Insani. Since days is the Bundeswehr with the Kurdish Ministry of Pesh in contact. In Berlin there are plans that you first equips an Association of approximately 4,000 men with the weapons as well as the protection and communications equipment, then other such associations could follow. The Bundeswehr about six liaison officers stationed in Arbil want to clarify the details, currently running there first votes. The Kurds on the spot to decide on the upgrade of its own units, the Bundeswehr will accompany the process and advise the military on the ground. At the end of the Pesh in a position shall be, to prevent the rise of the Islamic State (IS) to recapture may also lost ground. No one anticipates an offensive of the Kurds on their own territory. Now many countries, apart from Germany, the United States, France, Italy, Australia, but even small countries such as Czech Republic – to arms and ammunition supplies have agreed. The US voted the various offers central command in Florida, to prevent double deliveries. Overall, one can assume that almost the entire army of the Kurds will be equipped man of around 100 000 at least with modern handguns. Germany should be 5 located in the list of the largest shipping countries in the top. . For extra facts regarding this subject visit web site.

Genetic engineering: The passenger pigeon to fly again.

The air was filled literally with pigeons. The midday light shade as with a solar eclipse. Droppings rained from the sky, A little bit like melting snow. And my senses lullten a continuous noise of wings,. Before sunset, I reached Louisville, 55 miles from Hardensburgh away. The pigeons were still in undiminished numbers – and that lasted for three more days. This huge swarm of Wandertauben (Ectopistes migratorius) described the American ornithologist and nature painter John James Audobon in the autumn of 1813 when he left his house in Henderson, Kentucky, to travel to Louisville. Perhaps more than a billion birds flew in this mass collection; a still larger with an estimated 3.5 billion individuals crossed southern Ontario may 1866 – no other landlebendes vertebrate probably come close to these numbers. Probably was the passenger pigeon in their evolutionary history not always so numerous as in the 19th century – at least this suggests a genetic analysis by Hung Chih-ming of National Taiwan Normal University, who along with his colleagues from four museum specimens of genetic material could win and compare the DNA with the related species of pigeon. And had been the checkered life of Wandertauben in their genome. The art was Very much likely dramatic stock fluctuations, says molecular biologist: she was not always so extremely common as shortly before their extinction. As always the passenger pigeon by a relative genetic bottleneck had, as their populations had shrunk. While the last one million years their number could have fallen animals up to 50 000, the average of the totalled breeding birds probably to the 330. 000. Ectopistes migratorius so was prone to outbreaks, if the conditions were ideal–and their population collapsed, when they were getting worse. In principle, this history to the natural history of North America, in the ice ages ensured that the forests and thus the food sources of birds again fell fits. So, covered parts of Northeastern North America glacier before about 20 000 years and ensured that at that time only a few pigeons survived. About 6 000 years ago, however, lived back about 1.6 billion animals, who found abundant forage in extensive oak, beech and chestnut woods of the region. The forests suffered from this flood of excrement like under the pure weight of the animals: you were overfertilised and trees collapsed with the load. One can hardly imagine that the Wandertauben over a long period could maintain a high inventory. The biologist Beth Shapiro tells you were incredibly destructive to the forest, from the University of California at Santa Cruz, which focused on the way. The ecosystem was so severely damaged, and sometimes many years needed to recover. This was followed by a mass extinction, and the survivors moved on to better feeding grounds and breeding grounds. Insert the increasingly effective and brutal methods to kill the birds, the hunters: the pigeons were shot not only from the air, but also mass lured with alcohol-soaked seeds and started. See nesting grounds the collector set fire to grass and sulphur, to befuddle the adults and to raise the chicks from their nests. Sometimes, one made even these breeding trees or set them on fire to get to the animals. The errors in the colonies were often so severe that they have been completely abandoned. And as already was the offspring of the hunt to the victim, he could No more be able to replace dead parents: the stock collapsed along the entire East Coast, Michigan, where just the Hunter brought in 1878, still a huge load in the trade remained as the last distribution focus. . Additional facts can be inspected visiting web site.