Before the UN climate change Conference: world’s Hunterttausende demonstrating for more climate protection.

The biggest demonstration took Instead of in new: starts here on Tuesday of the UN-climate summit © Peter Foley / DPA with whistles, posters and colorful panels are gone in New York more than 300 000 people for a better climate protection on the road. According to the organizers, originally only around 100 000 people had expected, it was the largest air demonstration of ever. Among the demonstrators mixed, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Edward Norton, the singer Sting, the former US Vice President Al Gore and New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio. I am overwhelmed by such a power, energy and voice of the people, said UN Chief ban. The #linkhttp://www. Star. de/politics/foreign/climate protection barack-obama maps co2 reduction to 2114943. HTML;Klimawandel# is a distinctive theme of our time, and we must lose no time. Australia had made the kick-off, where in Melbourne, environmental activists took to the streets around 30 000. They criticized especially its Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who has again abolished an introduced carbon tax for large energy consumers first. Tony, you’re soon on the climate cliff, stood on a billboard in Melbourne. Also in the Australian Cairns, where the Finance Ministers of the 20 of leading industrial and emerging economies (G20) met, protesters came together. .

More La Malfa that Thatcher in Renzi (Crazy ‘s).

The latter in particular, with Luciano Lama, were able to pick up the message and the confrontation that ensued gave a significant contribution to the evolution of the left. This is to say that there is no need to involve Blair or Schroeder, much less to pull into play Thatcher, to explain the initiatives of Renzi on reform of labour. Nell’Italia forgetful of our times everything seems new and never heard before, so any stance that crinkles the pool have to be imported from abroad. And it is true, no doubt, that it is urgent a cultural renewal that can return a sense of politics as well as shaping new relations with the Union: as long as the latter decides to live in our time. In any case, what appears to be-and indeed it is-a serious delay in updating the schemas and the codes of the political debate, is also the son of the laziness of the last twenty years. That is the period in which the left, behind the alibi of the deadly fight to Berlusconi, has quit to move with quick step and ended in Fort from which too many have been kept out: the unemployed, of course, but also those who have lost confidence in the system. Yet it would be enough to find the authentic food of postwar reformers, and develop them in the framework of two thousand, to fill the void. On the issue of labour, it has been noted by many observers, Renzi is right. How is right in hitting fouling die hard ideological, mirror of an Italy that in those terms no longer exists. They asked the premier to be concrete, moving charges after so many words, and you cannot now accuse him of being faithful to himself. Also because the current left-that soldiers in the Pd, in other formations or in the Union-should have a vested interest in encouraging reformism of Palazzo Chigi. Perhaps to correct it and integrate it in the course of parliamentary debate, but without giving the impression of a ‘ no ‘ ruling and ideological which then applies to the Cgil, of course, but also for the minority of the Democratic Party (not the whole truth, just read the words of wisdom uttered by Democratic President, Orfini). .

Parc des Princes: we tested the new lodges.

The range experience deserves to be lived. After 100 days of work, the Parc des Princes makes new skin this summer. Particular care was taken on the lodges of the Parisian setting, that we have tested. Arrival by the atrium, the new monumental hall, one taken by Ibrahimovic and company upon landing. A luxurious and luminous white is needed, while the many hostesses greet and orient newcomers. It climbs by escalators to the lounges tucked away in the belly which connects the PSG headquarters to the rostrum Borelli. Welcome to Park avenue. There, a dozen of private lodges are put at the disposal of the guests. Each is named after the name of a partner of the club, while two others, temporarily referred to as Rai and Pauleta, waiting for their title sponsor. Inside can take place about fifteen people on a surface enveloped by glass and lit by the modern design luminaire. Wardrobe, furniture, luxury leathers and Internet connection lead to the comfort. Places are invested before, during halftime and after the game. Randomly, we meet the people used the Park as well as players, injured or not selected, joining the space dedicated to the relatives of the Parisian population. The lodges are occupied by a hostess for the reception and a server for the gastronomic pane. "Would you like a glass of champagne? ” Throughout the evening, your servant is listening to add to the spectacle of the lawn of the flavours. Drinks, appetizers, delicate desserts: it is here, not satisfy, but satisfy taste buds and palate. Foie gras placed on his toast to the small badge, it’s almost a meal that scrolls between the fingers. Operation seduction is renewed at each driveway and come. Only constraint, show white paw whenever passing from the VIP area in the forums by a control of the tickets. Apart from this well acceptable effort, the home is more helpful to the places to which a hostess takes care to accompany you. Not far from the select square VIP, and more, only 10 m of space reserved to the emir Al-Thani, owner of the club, we find ourselves ideally placed to assist in the delivery offered by Laurent Blanc’s men. To complete the experience, a souvenir photograph is offered with two mugs in the effigy of the MTP. .

Noble reservist Schöps strengthens volleyball players at World Cup.

He is the most complete player in my team. He is top in every area of the game, help the caregivers and the perhaps the most important player for the climate in the team praised the head coach. But why play Schöps then so rare? Because he has the bad luck to compete on the diagonal position in attack with superstar Georg Grozer, known not only by Association Chairman Thomas Krohne as one of the three best volleyball players in the world. Other players from top format would say goodbye to maybe frustrated under these conditions from the national team, but Schöps has accepted his role. The veteran on the team, who will be 31 years old on October 8, is the appropriate analyses for the press after the game at the press conference. He is the contact person for the younger players in the German team. He has a kind word for everyone, he is the heart of the team. Jochen is the most peaceful and most honest person I have met in my volleyball career, raves about his buddy Grozer: and he is one of the world’s best diagonal players. The man from Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, who won in his successful career even the Champions League with the VfB Friedrichshafen is very popular with the fans at the World Cup host country Poland. That is but unfortunately not cause that the 12 500 fans in the semi final cheer us, Schöps declared overlooking this important duel on Saturday night: that is really blatantly, a unique experience, goosebumps for all pure. .

Facebook: Dragqueens clear name-obligation applies also.

But the scene struggles. So, the Dragqueen Olivia La Garce started a petition, which has more than 22 000 supporters. Because it involves more than the name: our chosen names are part of our identity. We have built our networks and fan communities thus. If we change it now, there’s nothing but confusion, writes la Garce. To talk with the Dragqueens, Facebook invited to a meeting at its headquarters in Menlo Park – but the Group wants to alter its policy. Scene representatives as the drag sister Roma, whose passport says Michael Williams were invited. Now she had to register also Facebook under this name. Because the network remains, to the obligation to clear name is not shaken. The name that you are using should be your real name, as it is indicated on your credit card, your driver’s license or your student ID, it says in the guidelines. It is common to have different names in the queer scene. The name that is in the pass, is just something that the parents have given one time, says German singer-songwriter Prince of chaos II. Last year, he was asked to indicate its official name. Since then, he used an other, also invented name. Facebook has not discovered it so far. Who goes around with the data of the user, needs to not be surprised if this rather specify a different name, the artist says. .

Siemens plans billion bid for U.S. company Dresser-Rand.

As the Manager magazine on Friday in its online edition reported, the Munich-based company for the US compressor manufacturer Dresser-Rand, where the Swiss industrial group Sulzer is interested, wants to more than $6 billion (about 4.7 billion euro) offer. Piquant: This Siemens boss Joe would increase Kaeser against his predecessor Peter Löscher in the ring, who now is of Sulzer President of the Board of Directors. Dresser-Rand is a US supplier for the oil and gas industry. In the business, Kaeser sees a great future and has also found the headquarters of Siemens Energy Division located in the United States. On August 1, the former shell manager Lisa Davis assumed the leadership there. Extinguishers had been the Siemens post last year after two profit warnings in quick succession to Kailash. Recently, he had resigned as President of the Board of Trustees of the Siemens Foundation. According to Siemens, the Austrian Manager had founded the step with his heavy professional use at the top of the re Nova holding, which participates in Sulzer. Should it now In fact come to the bidding battle to Dresser-Rand, would be to consider the step in a different light. .

Is the UN Security Council, with Kerry and Mogherini. Obama: ok to Congress on weapons to rebels.

-Mr Hollande had announced several times in recent days. Today the French aviation has made the first air raids on Iraq’s northeast. The first bombing, as reported by Elisha, occurred at around 9. 40 this morning and was conducted against a logistical warehouse of terrorists. The goal has been reached and entirely destroyed told the Elysee, which announced additional steps in the coming days. The fight against terrorists Is back on the table of the United Nations: the theme of international coordination of the battle to the Islamic Caliphate ‘ will be the focus of the debate, next week, at the UN General Assembly. Already today the issue is addressed in a Security Council meeting at ministerial level held at 14 (the 20 Italian time). Among these, the American Secretary of State, John Kerry, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and current President of the EU, the next Lady Cfsp, Federica Mogherini. Meanwhile, the US Congress adopted yesterday the President of the United States, Barack Obama for the support of Syrian rebels, engaged in the fight against the jihadists who are gaining ground in northern Syria. The Senate has adopted with 22 votes in favour and 78 against the first part of the anti-jihadist strategy presented by Obama last week. The plan, already approved by the House of representatives Wednesday, does not give carte blanche to the Government to equip and train Syrian rebels, but requires the Administration to report to Congress every 90 days on its implementation, the number of trained fighters, the selection of the Syrian groups that receive aid and the use of weapons and equipment delivered. The Bill does not include additional credits to finance the operation and clearly states that it does not constitute in any case a permission for the deployment of American soldiers in Syria. .

An Egyptian becomes the deepest scuba diver in the world.

The Egyptian combat swimmer Ahmed Gamal Gabr became, with 332,35 meters, the first diver has never descended as deep being in combination with bottles and without assistance, announced the Guinness Book of records. With approximately 15 hours ascent in bearings for a descent to only 12 minutes, this human feat, medical and technological made Thursday in the Red Sea, Dahab off the coast of Egypt. The record depth for a dive in autonomy was established by Ahmed Gabr in Dahab, the new record is 332,35 m, told the AFP Talal Omar, the judge from the Guinness Book of Records that validated it on the spot, in the night. Ahmed Gabr was attempting to reach 350 m in depth according to the organizers. The risks were enormous for 41-year-old at a depth where water pressure on the body of 35 kg per square centimeter, where decompression sickness and other behavioural disorders (narcosis to nitrogen or drunkenness from the depths, Syndrome nervous of high pressure) have already killed a previous record-holder of the world, the American Sheck Exley, and nearly take away other candidates. According to the organizers, for the rise, Lieutenant-Colonel Gamal Gabr, combat in the special forces of Egyptian and triathlete swimmer accomplished, had to use more than 60 bottles hung along a thread of life, filled with four mixtures of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen, skilfully dosed for each level according to four different by a team of hyperbaric physicians formulas french and Egyptian. In four years of training and testing, they patiently produced a diving tables specifically calculated for this diver and at this depth. The previous record in sport scuba diving, i.e. without external assistance, using only sport diving equipment, was disputed between two men: the South African Nuno Gomes, down in 2005 to 318,25 metres at the same place as Ahmed Gabr, for a record certified by the Guinness Book, and French Pascal Bernabé, which plunged the same year at 330 meters off the coast of the Corsica. His record has not been approved by Guinness Book but is generally accepted by clubs and sport diving experts in the world. According to the team of organizers that surrounded Ahmed Gabr, diver had to memorize, during months of training, the lesser of his gestures after second as racing drivers memorize the turns. Beyond a few hundred metres, he was abandoned by the other divers and friends accompanying him, then comes loneliness, the cold and the dark night of the depths off the coast of the resort town of Dahab. He had notably to restrict his breathing at a minimum and slow his heartbeat, techniques learned notably from yoga masters, according to his entourage. Throughout this long solitary journey, incident, the diver at these extreme depths must have a perfect command of his nerves because it is a death to stay according to the regulars, hâtée increased ordering him irreparably. Cameras have been set at its facilities and their video will be the only evidence of his achievement. .

Commuters against Trenord, in 5,000 for the class action on the Black week 2012.

Nearly 5,000 claims. To be reimbursed for what had been a black week in December 2012, one of the most disastrous in recent history for commuters lombardi. Are already 4. 774 travelers who have joined the class action led by Altroconsumo against Trenord for the inconvenience suffered in December two years ago, when the staff rounds system had been changed, but not properly tested, and for five days jumped more than 1. 100 trains and was total chaos on the Rails. The collection of memberships continues for weeks and closes today at Cadorna Station, last stop of the tour in the stations where consumers will be from 10 to 20. At the end of the day, free membership, could get to 5,000, or even exceed them, given that preliminary forms had actually been signed by 17mila people. Every traveler asks for four-month subscription as a refund. After that going to happen? In recent months, the judge has already upheld the legality of the class action. Now it is to continue with the process. The first hearing after the deposit is set for November 25, probably will last at least one year before you can get to a judgment of first instance. Always on trains, Trenord that the Union has proclaimed a Cat national strike from tomorrow’s 21 to 21 on Sunday. The turmoil could create disruption on suburban and regional trains. The Malpensa Express service may vary by location or cancellations. .

Comment on the referendum in Scotland: the nationalism as a progressive force.

It was perhaps this prospect, Which one vote many voters with no left without compromising their own patriotic spirit. You can maybe also say: Scotland Gets The best of all worlds. The other parts of the United Kingdom, also the English, be it a rhyme make. In other words: Great Britain is at the beginning of a major federalism debate. Also it will be historical; in this respect, the Scottish electorate’s vote was but A lot more than a confirmation of the Status quo, either way, it was a vote for change. So it is not. And so also the partner will rejoice in the outcome of the referendum in Scotland. The uncertainties that would have been necessarily connected with the independence, are banned. The Scottish nationalists, who were getting no majority for the separation from England, will be undoubtedly disappointed and depressed, their campaign was enthusiastic and full of passion. Many others will feel this morning as the winner. In any case, the 18th September 2014 was a historic day. The Union, which have entered into English and Scots 307 years ago, continue to exist. .