Air Algérie crash: Wreckage of flight AH5017 allegedly discovered in desert.

It is the third plane drama in just one week: A line machine of the Algerian airline Air Alg̩rie with 116 passengers aboard disappeared without a trace over Mali. France Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Thursday in Paris, the machine was probably crashed. Many foreigners, including about 50 French and four Germans are among the passengers. In the evening then the note from the airport of Ouagadougou: the wreck be discovered Рin a difficult to access area of desert between the towns of Gao and Kidal in Mali. Confirmed the Fund has not been so far. What is known: flight AH5017 was on its way from Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, in the Algerian capital of Algiers, about 50 minutes after takeoff ripped off radio contact. The Algerian Radio quoted Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal the words, the plane had disappeared in the region of the Malian town of Gao. Also from the Malian Government circles indicated lost the Air Alg̩rie plane in the area by Gao of the radar aerial surveillance. Also the French air force took part in the search for the plane in the Malian desert. Two fighter jets of the type of Mirage-2000 launched from a base in Chad from a search mission, as a spokesman for the French general staff said. French forces have been also, have located the wreckage in the desert. Only last Thursday a Boeing 777 of Malaysia crashed airlines with 298 people aboard over competitive area in the Eastern Ukraine. The pro-Russian rebels in the region and the Government in Kiev accused each other, to have shot down the aircraft. On Wednesday, killed 48 people died in a botched landing maneuver in Taiwan. . For extended information regarding this topic read

Garches cancer unit: the TGI rejects the request of the parents.

The High Court of Paris dismissed Thursday the motion filed by parents of children with cancer who are opposed to the closure of the service of Pediatric Oncology at Garches (Hauts-de-Seine), programmed by the AP – HP. The existence of an assault (a serious fault of the administration, Editor’s note) is not demonstrated, statement the judge in his decision. In 2004, the Assistance publique-Hôpitaux Paris (AP – HP) and the Ministry of health had signed a protocol providing for the creation of a Pediatric Oncology service at the premises of the Raymond-Poincare de Garches hospital. Licensure, renewed in 2009 for a duration of five years, expires in August. The closure of the service is simply the consequence of the absence of request for renewal on the part of the AP – HP, note the tribunal. He noted that continuity of patient support is assured since those who wish it will be treated in a hospital in Boulogne-Billancourt and do not see d ‘ interference with the right of the child to decide on care that it must or that it may receive. The closure of Garches unit causes a standoff between the administration and the families of young cancer patients for several months. Some parents had been late June strike of hunger, for two weeks in protest. For them, this service, headed by doctor Delépine, is unique in France because it offers a therapeutic choice to the patient. The fight does not stop. J. We invite to return us to the administrative tribunal that we already typed, notes Emmanuel Ludot, Ametist lawyer, an association of relatives of young patients, originally from the procedure. The Council also hailed the new advocate, Jacques Toubon, and lodged an appeal before the European Court of human rights. Requested, Assistance publique-Hôpitaux Paris (AP – HP) did not want to comment on the decision. The public establishment reiterated Wednesday, in a statement, his wish to preserve the tranquility and the proper functioning of the Raymond-Poincare hospital, and to ensure the continuity of care, currently children who are treated there. . For extra data on this topic click fact.

Study abroad: “I hope that this year will help me to feel more European.

Although the European Union has brought closer us in fact, it remains for me a more abstract reality. I hope that this year will help me to discover the benefits of German studies but also to feel more European. ""In less than a month it is the big departure,. one year abroad. Fascinated by the Middle Kingdom, I learn Chinese for two years. Study in China was a no-brainer. I could go to Beijing or Shanghai but I decided to go to Hangzhou, typically Chinese city, in order to immerse myself completely. Being in a non-Westernized city is a personal choice and a real challenge: I’ll have to live as a Chinese and get in the life of every day. But I’m ready to go through this long and difficult phase of adaptation during the first months. What I expect of this year in a completely foreign environment? A great human experience, cultural and culinary discoveries and intensive learning of mandarin.  ""In choosing to study Swedish, I knew that Erasmus was not an option, but an obligation. I is not considering learning a language without living some time in the country. This is why I’m leaving one year in Lund, in the South of the Sweden, to get enough ear to speak properly, but also to identify and understand the culture of the country. I hope that this year will bring me a correct control of the Swedish, that she will support my future choice of expatriation, but also that it will offer me the opportunity to meet people of different cultures and also to celebrate.  ""In September, I’m leaving on the campus of Suzhou, a city located one hour from Shanghai. In January, towards New York and Fordham University. Thanks to my school, I have the chance to live a year in two places which attract me the most. Improve my language skills, enrich my CV, giving more value to my degree, discover another way of life, and meet people with a culture different from mine,. I think that a year where one is doing alone, away from his family and its benchmarks, allows to evolve professionally and above all personally.  » «What motivates me to study in Kunming in China, it is not so much the diploma will be issuing me upon my return, but the opportunity to internationalize my future profile manager to be able to meet the demand of businesses looking for young graduates, multilingual and capable of evolving in cultural environments very different from ours. " Starting in China will allow me to best understand the mores and customs of a society that seems totally different and especially a booming economy, become essential at the global level. I expect a little to suffer the first weeks. I fear especially the reception given by the Chinese to Westerners.  ’ ‘ I decided to finish my degree in law to at University Charles IV in Prague, to realize a desire also that torments me for a little while. ” Erasmus is the perfect opportunity for a first expatriation, through the teaching and scholarship. This year will be a break in a smooth solar journey. An opportunity to test my sense of adventure too, in a country and a language that are completely unknown to me. To see if I am able to live abroad to maybe work in the future. For the moment, I’m afraid of not succeeding to integrate me but I hope that I get out grown, more autonomous, (yet) more open, more sociable, and still more European. "’Study abroad survey of a pragmatic calculation and my desire always presents to discover other things. I want to work in humanitarian law international and I see my Erasmus in Germany as a sesame for access. In addition to an improvement both in English and in German, this year will bring me the chance to meet influential, cultivating a future network and – I hope – allow me to do an internship within an international body or a large NGO on my return.  » . Root data could be read clicking the following

Crash in Ukraine: the remains of victims repatriated to the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands welcomed the first remains of the 298 victims of the disaster, of which 193 were Dutch in emotionally charged silence. Around 16 p.m. Wednesday, the country was stopped when the two aircraft carrying 40 coffins of light wood landed in Eindhoven (South). Then rang the Bugles of the army, in homage to the disappeared. The flags of countries who lost nationals in the disaster were at half-mast at the airport and a minute’s silence was observed by these families, as well as Willem-Alexander and Maxima, the King and the Queen of the Netherlands in clothes of mourning, and Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Members of the Dutch armed forces were transported, in absolute silence, coffins to hearses which were to take them to the military base of Hilversum, near Amsterdam, where the identification process, which could take several months, was to begin. The solemnity of the ceremony, broadcast live on television, was a strong contrast with the scenes of chaos filmed after the accident in Ukraine. On the edges of the motorway, on the bridges or in front of the military base, thousands of Dutch were massed and the passage of the convoy, threw flowers and applauding, in tribute to the victims. While families have had to wait in anguish the repatriation of the first bodies, many others would still be on the spot in the open air, exposes exposed to the ravages of heat and animals, says Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia, including 28 citizens perished in the tragedy. . You should check the following to discover more regarding this amazing subject.

Asylum seekers: Federal Supreme Court is Abschiebehäftlinge free.

While is checked, whether is successful an asylum application, the stay in Germany is allowed the asylum seekers (residence permit). This residence permit is tied to a particular place, the authorities have set. This is the so-called residence requirement. Sometimes, the applicant is subject to further conditions. According to BAMF, it takes an average of nine months, until deciding on an application. In some cases, the process can take up to 42 months. In the case of a rejection of the application for asylum as manifestly unfounded (§ 30 law on asylum procedures) the stay permission will lapse before the rejection of the application for asylum, with the result that the applicant must continue any court proceedings against the refusal from abroad. Cannot rely on article 16a para 1 of the basic law, who arrives from a safe third country within the meaning of section 26a para 2 of the asylum procedure act. As a result, refugee protection is not excluded according to the Geneva Refugee Convention. The so-called airport procedure are special procedures, which were introduced in 1992 with the change of the basic right to asylum. They relate to asylum seekers as safe countries of origin and all refugees without identity who apply for asylum at an airport. (If they not in any case be pushed back in a competent State under the Dublin II regulation.) You may not leave the airport, are accommodated in the transit area and belongs to the quick procedure. Only a positive decision of the asylum or if the BAMF within a period of two days makes a decision, the refugee may enter and pass through the normal asylum procedure. Who is rejected in the airport procedure as obviously unfounded, may be deported, unless a Court re-examined the asylum decision. The fugitive only with a request for urgent legal protection can prevent this. This is however very rarely granted. Many of those affected are waiting for in the airport transit for weeks their deportation. The European States have agreed that each refugee in one EU State should receive an asylum procedure. They have fixed in the Dublin II regulation which state this is the case. Most is that those State the asylum procedure is responsible for, the refugee has entered first. If so, a fugitive over Italy has traveled to Germany, the Federal Republic refuses, an asylum procedure and operates the deportation of those affected to Italy. 2012 asked the Federal Republic in 11. 469 cases another European country to acquiring asylum-seekers. On the other hand, a transfer request was set but only in 1500 cases by other States to the national authority. Some 3,000 asylum seekers were deported 2012 in other European countries. On the other hand, refugees are only around 1517 been transferred to Germany. . For more information on this matter read

Israel-travel: The feeling of a closed.

Foreign carriers, including Lufthansa and Air Berlin, had decided on Tuesday temporarily stopped flying to the country. Last, also the Eastern European Wizz Air has set on Wednesday its flights to Tel Aviv on another. Lufthansa has extended on Wednesday afternoon until Thursday night’s decision by Tuesday. On Thursday, the companies of the Group had – including 20 flights to Israel from Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Brussels also Germanwings, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Swiss – planned. On Wednesday afternoon, the second largest German airline, Air Berlin, decided to suspend the Tel Aviv flights on Thursday. Israel is not cut off. Ben Gurion Airport is open, says Uri Sharon, the Director of the Israeli tourist offices in Berlin. The Israeli airline El Al flies further and will bring back the many foreign passengers, are located in Israel and now down – or fly; currently are 50 000 foreign tourists in the country, says Sharon. Even of British Airways and another 20 foreign airlines are flying as before to Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, the military airport Ovda in the South of the country was opened as alternate airport. Unlike on the smaller civil airport of Eilat on the Red Sea, even jumbo jets can land in Ovda. Economically as psychologically but the flight ban in Israel could cause substantial harm. The last time foreign flights were suspended in 1991 during the Gulf war, then exploded Iraqi Scud missiles at Tel Aviv and laid down the country for a while. At that time however were no summer holidays, made a holiday abroad are even fewer Israelis, and especially the Israeli economy of even less in the global economy was integrated as today. Many international companies have local research offices in the high-tech sector, many Israeli companies depend on exports. . For extra data on this subject check

Signs of Israeli war crimes see civilian casualties in the Gaza conflict – UN.

The High Commissioner of the United Nations for human rights, Navi Pillay, sees evidence of war crimes in Israel’s attacks against targets in the Gaza Strip. The killing of children and the destruction of houses made it very likely that the law will hurt, PILLAY said in Geneva on Wednesday. At the same time, she condemned the indiscriminate firing of rockets and mortar shells on Israeli settlements by the radical Islamic Hamas in a special session of the UN Human Rights Council. All international efforts to an early cease-fire have failed so far. Currently Ban Ki-moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry are UN Secretary-General talks in the region. Jordan is working on a UN resolution, according to diplomats. The country, since the beginning of the year non-permanent member of the Security Council, on Tuesday (local time) behind closed doors in New York a draft put forward, now being debated. . Similar information can be inspected reading

The agreement on Ideal Standard save 399 jobs.

Milan-a long negotiation, characterized by the alternation of conflicting news, then later in the evening the agreement that barring 399 jobs. For Ideal Standard dispute the closed position came yesterday at the Ministry of labour and families of workers employed in the establishment of Orcenico di Zoppola (Pordenone) came the relief. The agreement envisages the layoffs notwithstanding with effect from 1 June-31 October, while the Government has expressed willingness to extend until 31 December in the presence of significant progress in takeover of new subjects in the management of the establishment. Among the measures to be adopted, there is the closure of the mobility procedure with voluntary exodus encouraged. Workers who will be part of the route of voluntary mobility the company recognizes a sum to climb due to the permanence in the company up to a maximum of 30 thousand euros for each worker. Also confirmed the agreements to Put last may on reindustrialization and activation processes of new activities. This is a great result-says Franco Rizzo, Fvg Regional Secretary of Cisl and the chemical is due to unions and institutions that were combined and compact till the end. Ideal Standard also expressed satisfaction in a statement reaching an agreement with the social partners, after months dedicated to finding a solution. For extended insights about this subject read

Pro-Palestinian demonstration high voltage in Paris.

A new manifestation of support to the Palestinian people, this time above authorized, to be held Wednesday in Paris. The procession will depart at 18.30 from the Denfert-Rochereau square in the direction of the Invalides. And musclemen will be there to avoid spillage as last weekend where rallies were forbidden to beards and Sarcelles (Val d’Oise), degenerated into urban riots and anti-Semitic acts. The procession will be particularly politicized. In its ranks will parade with representatives of the CGT, the postal code, the french Communist Party and the left party. Its co-chair, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has ors and previously announced its presence. Thirty deputies PS should also scroll. Broke down in the protests, the CGT, NPA, Communist french and party left will come with their own order services, who will be there to prevent any overflow in addition to the traditional forces of order.   "Manuel Valls defended Tuesday the authorization of this gathering by explaining that the course had been"discussed""pledges of security"given by the organizers and (,.) more responsible this time" while incidents broke out Saturday in Paris during a pro-Palestinian March initially banned by the authorities. This Wednesday on Europe 1, Minister Jean-Marie le Guen assures him: ‘conditions’ of this second event are "not at all the same.  "Governments, in some exceptional cases, implement the quite considerable resources to avoid any slip-ups. There is an effort at a particular time", it certifies. But this particular green light continues to debate in the political class.  On RTL this Wednesday morning, Luc Chatel, acting Secretary general of the UMP favour the ban on the demonstration, denounced "a variable geometry of the Government strategy". "The firmness is not negotiable (,.). The Government is taking a risk.  Is this a double standard? Is this the political game that enters the arena?"wondered the head right on the radio waves. According to him, the Government of Valls ‘sends a political message to the left of the left ". And the head of the UMP to call "with the utmost firmness." . Similar text can be inspected checking

Debt: a defect in the Argentina would be the worst things (judge US).

The American judge in the dispute between the Argentina and the vulture funds urged Tuesday the two parties to negotiate to avoid a default of payment of the country which would be, according to him, the worst of things. A default would be the worst thing. I do not want it. People would suffer. Not vultures, but real people, assured Judge Thomas Griesa during a hearing in New York at the time where the time limit set in Buenos Aires approaching an end. American justice has given until July 30 to Argentina to begin to pay $ 1.3 billion to the vulture funds who refused any relief of the argentine debt, unlike what did most of the creditors of the country after the collapse of 2001. If a solution is not found in time, the Argentina could be compelled to a technical default incommensurate with the bankruptcy of 2001 but the unpredictable economic consequences. Tuesday, counsel for Argentina, Jonathan Blackman, assured that Buenos Aires was ready to negotiate with everybody but has asked the Court to postpone the time limit of 30 July which puts, according to him, artificial pressure on the country. According to counsel, the complexity of the issue is that a solution cannot be found by the end of the month. Judge Griesa has, however, rejected the request and called on the two parties to agree more quickly to find a compromise. I expect both parties that they work tirelessly. There is more time-consuming. (. . . ) The most important thing is to avoid a default, he said. Late June, the same judge had blocked payment by Argentina of its other creditors, believing this illegal approach as long as the vulture funds have not begun to be reimbursed. For the time being, attempts at negotiations have nothing. A new meeting must take place Wednesday under the auspices of the mediator appointed by justice, Daniel Pollack. The Argentine case is followed closely by the great silversmiths of the globe who fear that creditors refuse any compromise future with States in difficulty, hoping to retrieve all of them. . You should read the following to read more about this great topic.