Astrotourismus in Brandenburg: the Star Search to Gülpe.

Like every year, Hänel was therefore in this when the AST red reef in Gülpe. Amateur astronomers from all over Germany had come to the fourth edition of the event in the late summer to Brandenburg, including caravans, tents, and telescopes. All parking spaces were fully booked, to have no more room for weeks. Gülpe is now a bit famous – thanks to Andreas Hänel. 2009 Haldane first came into the place. At that time, he was on his way to a meeting about light pollution in the Bundestag and had previously followed a discussion on measurements on Lake Neuruppiner in astronomy forums. Could it be so close really so dark at Berlin, showed night-time maps of Europe? I wanted to measure it yourself, says Haldane. It was late April and Super clear weather. Hänel drove over roads that were always slim. It became darker and darker. Somewhere between Görne and Witzke, he stopped and looked at his sky quality meter. It showed values measured in the darkest deserts and mountains of the Earth. The reason for this is simple: very few people live In the Westhavelland. The municipalities and the nature park smelled their chance to attract more tourists. It is estimated that there are 40 000 to 50 000 of amateur astronomers in Germany. But we look especially to laymen, Halima says people from Berlin, who want to see the sky. Studies have shown that one-third of Germans has never seen the milky way in nature. Also the Park is preparing. Two natural leaders have formed on astronomically and now offer star walks. In the nature park Centre in Milow, illuminated in a new cabin simulate the sky, these birds of the band sing. A brochure shows the best places to star watch with GPS coordinates. Steles will soon mark the points and be concrete pillars, which can be from telescopes. And in Parey, the Association wants to set up an astronomical observatory. Crowds do not fall a course for the time being. Now, the IDA has recognized two more star parks in Germany, in the Rhön and the Eiffel. In the high Rhön, it could be even darker than in the Westhavelland, Halima says. But here, we have much more clear sky. . For extra information about this topic check

Valls: Holland has a natural vocation to be candidate in 2017.

But strife, real or imagined, between François Holland and Manuel Valls met by large columns of the French press, especially since October 22 and surrender by the president of the insignia of the grand cross of the order of merit to his Prime Minister, a tradition after six months at Matignon. Above all, he again defended his Government’s economic, highly contested line left and into the ranks of the PS, with 39 abstainers on party revenues of the budget including former Ministers Benoît Hamon, Aurélie Filippetti, Delphine Batho. But the terms are less than Clive in the exclusive interview to the Obs where he denounced a left backward-looking and haunted by the Marxist superego. I want to modernize the Socialist Party, make it more realistic and pragmatic, he said while a part of the PS sees in its repeated provocations a strategy to prepare graduating from Matignon, in the image of the UMP Bruno Le Maire Member who recently accused him of playing the crisis of regime. . For extended insights about this subject check link.

Michael H. Rohdes: New perspectives: you change the perspective.

Actually, I’m painting, I am not a photographer, says Michael H. Rohde. The images in his photo book of new perspectives indeed resemble a mix of both painting and photography. Since 2010 the Berlin photographer deals with spaces – exterior, Interior, top, seen below. The idea, he had come when he was homeless in five months. At that time he photographed his accommodations always from the top. That he now can see things from below, owes the viewer of the power of the Berlin authorities that Rhode found himself exposed. When I ‘had fought their own apartment (in Berlin) me in the October 2009′, I turned the angle, to explore, he says what the opposing perspective might look. Rohde has originally learned Machinist and mechanical engineering studies, but then opted for the painting and photography. 2013, his paintings were awarded the art prize of the Stiftung Kunstfonds. This price financed this book. An essay by Thomas Elsen and Stephan Berg completes strong image band the 72 pages. Rohde provides new perspectives on his Web page to download available. . For extra information regarding this matter check source.

Burkina: Compaore left Ouagadougou around the South of the country.

The president of Burkina Faso Blaise Compaore, forced to resign after 27 years of reign Friday by a popular protest unprecedented, left Ouagadougou for the South of the country, according to French diplomacy. He went to the South. It is still in the country. It goes to Po, town near the border with Ghana, was reported in Paris, without being able to tell if the objective of the ex-President is then to go to another country, Ghana or Ivory Coast for example. For Paris, Blaise Compaoré should be able to find a point of fall fairly easily, not been banished from the international community. The former head of State did not take refuge in France, and the question of such exile is not topical, added the same source. After the announcement of the Chief of staff of the armed forces of Burkina Faso, the general Honoré Traoré, he assumed the responsibilities of head of State, the French authorities hope that mediation tripartite United Nations-African Union-ECOWAS (economic community of West African States) will allow the various actors to talk. If the announcement of the military Chief would be confirmed by the Constitutional Council, this would be a coup of State which would result in a mechanism of sanctions which will penalise the population, estimated in Paris, hoping that this perspective is not achieved. Burkina Faso Constitution in the event of resignation of the president acting by the president of the National Assembly, dissolved by the army Thursday after a fire in the Parliament by the rioters. The fate of this dignitary remained unknown Friday at midday. There has been recent days of significant looting and should it stops, was also reported by French diplomatic source, judging that the resignation of Blaise Compaoré meets the demand brandished for two days by the opposition and the population. Former colonial power, the France has some 3. 500 nationals in Burkina Faso who were asked to stay at home in the immediate future. . For extra information on this subject visit

Cucchi, one of the defendants: we compared to Nazis but we are innocent.

Compared to the ruthless Nazis, does not wish anyone to suffer what we suffered we. But I, we are innocent. Cos Nicola Minichini, one of the defendants in the appeals process for death of Stefano Cucchi during spontaneous statements that have concluded the hearing. I am an honest person-Minichini said, using a written text-I did not do anything, I just had the misfortune of being on that day in that place. Of Cucchi just remember seeing it after the validation hearing, from that time that entered my first provided the police powers. Remember, very thin, demanded medicine and I phoned the court physician: the physician visit and, when the inquire of those marks on his face, he answered that he fell from the stairs. Then came the Commons, led him to Regina Coeli and pi no news. All have expressed their solidarity to the family Cucchi but no word for us only a hurricane of mud. I feel respect for the family Cucchi. I am innocent, I have taken with the wrong person. Spontaneous declarations by another of the defendants. We were accused of crimes ever committed, despite the acquittal of first instance-says Antonio Domenici agent-only fault was to be found on duty that day. for nearly 30 years who are on duty; all I recognize as meek and diligent but I’ve been called a thug, a bully. I reiterate my innocence. I did not do anything, no violent action against Cucchi, falls out of my character, my character. I only helped. . You must check this to read extra about this amazing subject.

New call for tenders for the unique steelworks of Serbia.

The Serbian Government has launched a fourth call fixing December 1 the deadline for submission of bids for the steelworks Zelezara Smederevo, announced the State agency responsible for privatization. The Government looking for a strategic partner for its unique mill since the American company US Steel gave up its stake in the Serbian company in 2012. Interested companies are called upon to submit their programmes of work and investment no later than December 1, said the Agency for privatization. The Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced midweek that talks were under way for the resumption of the mill by the American company Esmark Steeel Group. We are close to an agreement, Mr. Vucic told after a meeting in London, with James Bouchard, president of the American group. Three previous tenders had failed, interested companies – the Luxembourg United Pilsen S. A., the Ukrainian Donetsksteel Group and the Russian Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company – having finally threw the sponge. The Government purchased January 2012 the steelworks of Smederevo, 40 kilometres east of Belgrade, US Steel for the symbolic amount of one dollar. This measure was intended to preserve jobs and help to this company, considered as strategic for the Serbia. The mill employs 5. 500 people and is the largest exporter in the country with 14% of all exports. Only one of the two blast furnaces is currently in service. mat/mml. You must visit this hyperlink to discover more on this great topic.

Ecomouv’: the Government wants to negotiate the cost of termination.

How much will cost the State the termination of the contract with the Franco-Italian company Ecomouv’, announced Thursday by the Government? Questioned Friday on RTL, the Secretary of State for the transport Alain Vidalies declined to give any figure, stating that negotiations will engage. "I endorse no figures. There are contractual arrangements. (. . . ) "The State will not pay like that, the State will discuss, and if you want a number, and well I’ll tell you the least possible", he said. The State could then go to court, on the grounds that the public-private partnership (PPP) contract would be unconstitutional, for the collection of a fee. "It is normal, in contractual relationships, not directly enter like this the tribunal. That’s why, in the letter it evokes this motif, and then there will be discussions", said the Secretary of State. "I talked about the issue of constitutionality, but we have other arguments," he added. According to Alain Vidalies, it is in fact the Act, establishing the creation of the ecotax, that is not constitutional. He notably quoted «one of the best specialists in France» PPP, at his hearing before the Senate Inquiry on this contract: ",," A PPP should not delegate a mission of sovereignty. (. . . ) Concerning this contract, the question deserved to be put to the Constitutional Council,. ». Furthermore, Alain Vidalies said that the Government will make "every effort to lead to a reclassification" of 210 employed by Ecomouv’, without taking a firm commitment. "We will help the employees of the company and elected officials of the town of Metz who are concerned, we will be at their side to try to find all the possible solutions, this is our commitment, he added. The State terminated the contract on the eve of the date October 31 deadline, and should therefore pay 830 million euros to Ecomouv’. A cancellation after that date would cost him "a hundred million euros more and rights to damages," according to Senator (UMP) Marie-Hélène Esgaulx, Chairperson of the commission of inquiry. The company Ecomouv’ could also request payment of 210 million euros corresponding to the rent for the year 2014, and repayment of the 650 million euros invested for implementation of operative – the famous gantry cranes – and 200 million euros of outstanding. . You can click the following website to read extra on this amazing subject.

Hungary: Orbán puts Internet control on ice.

After massive public protests, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban puts the proposed Internet tax for the time being on ice. If the people don’t just not like something, but also for unreasonable stops it, it should not be done, the Prime Minister justified his move in a radio interview. For the coming year, Orban announced a new attempt to tax online generated sales. The Government did want to extend only the telecommunications tax, people saw it but an Internet tax, Orban said. Imagine the sense of the whole question, and so it can introduce anything, he added. Alone on Tuesday night, tens of thousands of people had protested in Budapest against the introduction of the Internet tax. The Internet tax is a symbol for the autocratic rule of the Government, one of the protest leaders, Zsolt Varady, who heads a social network in Hungary called. The crowd replied with Orban out calls. Already on Sunday more than 10 000 had demonstrated in Budapest people against the Internet tax. . For extended facts about this subject visit article.

Political correctness: What a Halloween costume all must.

Love long October the media told us that why some Halloween costumes are totally okay or extremely racist. The poster campaign we’re a culture indicates distress a costume for 2011 on the latter. The images show people who belong to minorities and keep photos of other people in the hand, which have used their culture as a costume. This had for example black painted himself and created big chains and Grillz. Or put on a pair of glasses with painted almond eyes and helped a bowl of rice. No costumes, that is racism. Here it comes out about Asians or black people to mock (thanks Google, so it is correct). The main argument against the so-called Blackfacing is therefore also the historical negative connotation of costumes. Blackfacing was in Germany recently in response to a bet, that. . ?Hall bet is widely discussed. The topic is much more present in the United States. Last year the American singer and actress Julianne Hough painted on black himself, to dress up as their favourite character from Orange is the new black. Currently, large parts of the Internet revile a German youth who runs a cosplay blog and as Michonne in the has – dressed walking dead including color and wide nose.   But I’m not black, so it is almost impossible to write without upsetting anyone about Blackfacing for me. So, I write about my own experience with the political correctness. As a human being (correctly!) I confronted with disabilities so far only linguistically thus. Because the Halloweenköstum rain man has not enforced due to the similarity to the competition costume for Forrest Gump. In addition, it’s hard to dress up to stereotypes, to do so just as autistic what rightly demonized distress a costume with regard to ethnic groups we’re a culture.   Other people, my favorite, just talk to me and strive for unequivocal vocabulary to make but no science of the Word retrieval. Sometimes they call disabled, sick sometimes me, sometimes woman left and occasionally even Denise. It what you mean with their words, in what context you use it depends on. There are such people who ask me completely legitimate questions with the wrong vocabulary: How does feel it actually with your disease, go to concerts? These are simply curious interlocutors who don’t be shy before that to learn something. And there are people, who use the correct vocabulary and talking complete bollocks: people with an autism spectrum disorder can drive not only during the holiday. . Related information can be inspected clicking

Uranium company Urenco: bidding battle for the keys to the nuclear bomb.

The last bastion of the nuclear industry in Germany is located just a stone’s throw from the Dutch border. Urenco’s strictly secured factory on the edge of the Westphalian town of Gronau resembles a wrongly parked spaceship Moore, water towers, an animal park in the neighborhood. Just a tiny logo reveals what is at stake beyond the security checkpoints: enriching the future – enrich the future. But with the secrecy, it may be soon over the Westphalian province. Secret services, political leaders, hedge funds and even rogue States interested in these days both for the company, which operates more plants in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States in addition to the in Gronau. The reason: The owner, according to one-third of the German utilities RWE and EON, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, want the company to sell to investors – a range, as it appears not all days in the global corporate monopoly. Urenco has highly sensitive knowledge: the key to the atomic bomb. Who wants to learn more about the company, get an idea of the strength of the Urenco know-how in Gronau. Such as in a salad spinner carry specialists uranium molecules in several meters long and 20 centimeters wide centrifuges at up to a thousand revolutions per second on the edge of the tube. In the Middle she suck off rare Uran235 isotopes. Hundreds of these centrifuges are connected together to so-called Cascades. Thus develops enriched uranium for nuclear fuel. Repeating the process often enough, becomes shining material for the construction of the bombs. . Similar text can be found checking