The Assembly voted the modulation of family allowances.

The Secretary of State for the family Laurence Rossignol also present, they themselves are little expressed, leaving the rapporteur for the branch family, Marie-Françoise Joram (PS), explaining its amendment and his group who have been validated. "The goal is to move towards a social justice more great", defended the latter. "In a difficult economic context, we wanted to protect the poorest families", also justified the spokesman of PS members on this text, Martine Pinville. In a Chamber relatively provided for a Friday night, the UMP has denounced envi a "family bashing" and ‘a case of our family policy’ which was ‘ far consensual, not right, not left ", and raised a risk for the French birth rate. Family associations and trade unions are also headwind against modulation. In the UMP ranks, Xavier Breton stressed the "historic responsibility" that took the Socialists whereas for this member of the parliamentary agreement for the family, "a child is always worth another child." IDU pointed a ‘serious confusion on family policy objectives’ and a ‘book socialism ‘. Socialist Slingers, represented by Connie Carrey-Conte, also abstained: "this question should be posed more broadly and not by the savings gateway", who were also "avoidable by other choices.  For their part, the radical left voted for. In total, amendment of size on the modulation was adopted by 18 votes for, 11 against and three abstentions. The national Front had tabled an amendment to book allowances to families with at least one parent is french, but its representatives were absent. . Extended info can be read reading site.

Rape as a weapon of war: acting, finally!

But who is Denis Mukwege? I want to meet as many articles and stories which are devoted to him that Denis is just a man, whose country is ravaged by a phenomenon absolutely unimaginable and deeply destructive: rape as a weapon of war; rape used as a tool of annihilation of an entire society; rape as torture, as object of humiliation, right-of-way and destruction. For almost 20 years, the region of Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo faced this endemic touching children, babies,. I was at Nakuru, with Kenyan police unit who works on sexual violence when I learned that the Sakharov Prize was awarded to Denis Mukwege. The feeling of joy is obvious for several reasons: for the tireless work that makes Denis with his team, the people who accompanied him as the Belgian surgeon Guy Bernard Cadière in Panzi Hospital but also because that’s a sign that says to women and men from around the world, victims of sexual violence, victims of rape used as a weapon of war in many countriesthey are not alone and that they are not abandoned to their sad fate as pointed out Denis Mukwege. The symbol is stronger me within the Kenya Mission for a project funded by the European Union, whether those same Europeans who decide to put light on the work not only of Panzi Hospital but, as Denis Mukwege pointed out in his statement following the announcement of its price; the work of all individuals who struggle constantly with these victims, fighting stigma and social exclusion and especially fighting so heavy silence on the issue of sexual violence. Yet, this is not the first prize received by Denis, and surely not the last. But strangely, the situation does not change, or little, or even it empire. In Democratic Republic of Congo, since a few months, these are babies, maimed children, destroys genital than Denis and his team, receive every day. The first reaction of Denis Mukwege, become symbol and activist, was to recall the absolute need that the international community and thus also, the European Union, accompanied by the Democratic Republic of Congo on the road to peace, security and justice. If recognising that rape as a weapon of war has clearly become a threat to peace and security is a step forward, it is urgent to act against this unacceptable phenomenon for any society. To do this, it must move forward in a coherent manner and help these countries to restore security, because without security, there is no peace, and without peace, there is no justice. Rape has become an almost systematic weapon used in Libya, Syria, Sri Lanka, Liberia, and many other countries. Here where I am in Kenya, sexual violence are a daily occurrence. Rape has been used as a weapon of repression during post election events of 2007 and 2008, events for which the current President-elect Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta is indicted by the International Criminal Court. Then like the work done by Denis Mukwege, it demonstrates that every citizen, every individual may decide at any time to say no to what is unacceptable and, in any place of the world. It has become necessary to break the silence surrounding the issue of rape and sexual violence in conflicts such as in general. It is one of the reasons why we decided to create the NGO "We Are NOT Weapons Of War" (we are not weapons of war) before the urgency of this silent barbarity. And because there is no fatality. October 5 at the Théâtre du Châtelet, TEDx Paris celebrated five years with theme "from idea to action. Fantastic TEDxParis team led by Michel Levy Provençal took the risk to invite me onstage to talk about rape as a weapon of war. An obviously difficult to talk to more than a thousand people. These are initiatives of this type that changing. Inform, listen, understand and become an actor of our world, it is, I believe, what each of us can and must do. And I today call on my own Government, to France, to the President of the Republic, François Holland, Ms. Christiane Taubira and all public officials, and in particular Mrs Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, which has always paid attention to these issues, and who, until recently, joined the Mairie de Paris; via the Paris appeal launched by Melinda Gates; the situation and the health of women in the world. All these issues that can sometimes seem far from us, affects us directly. We must all rise up, each of us can it so that each of these victims that I met today at the Kenya, and tomorrow, don’t feel more stigmatized, abandoned or shameful for through simple, concrete projects we allow these victims to redress the head and to rebuild and so thus reconstruct their societytheir communities; that we provide the expertise and support to associations, local lawyers who try as they might to implement the trial to put an end to impunity. We support police officers as Mr Nyatete Nyakundi with whom I was today and that has put in place a dedicated unit on the issue of sexual violence in the Kenya and with a very small team, welcomes victims, investigation tirelessly and wants to develop prevention, awareness. I promised him that we would be at his side. It is the ambition of WWoW, working with the victims, with local investigations, trials, but also on trauma, rehabilitation and follow-up of all these women and men. Use the technological tools, progress of today, to serve this cause. We cannot accept this silent barbarity. We cannot act as if it did not exist, as if these survivors as he call themselves had no value. As if use and violate privacy, make the body of women but also men a field of battle, were become acceptable for our human society. . Similar info can be inspected visiting

China: Xi Jinping eyewash.

As the Communist Party has named XI Jinping as the Chief two years ago, hopes were high, and thus the most powerful man in China. The now 61-year-old was regarded as eloquently and volksnah, will find quite different than its predecessors, which in old-style Communist Party worked always bony and stiff and just read off of the sheet spontaneously friendly words in public -. XI was touted as hopefuls, which would introduce perhaps democracy and rule of law in China after two decades of economic opening. He talks even of democracy and rule of law. The so-called 4th plenum of the Central Committee, the most important this year meeting of the Communist Party, rule of law was even the main theme. And at least the final communiqu̩ that it means the party leadership: the rule of law is the basis for a functioning market economy, it says in a paragraph. China must break away from the outdated concept, that individuals have the say, it says in another. The awareness is there. And for some time there is certainly progress: so many foreign companies report that authorities sought much more transparency, and were not based on law Рlike so far on the instructions of the relevant Party Secretary. . Inspirational data can be studied reading this blog.

Budget 2015: Brussels mail requires explanation of Paris (Mediapart).

The Commission European claimed firmly explanation from France on its draft budget 2015 even if it intends to pursue a constructive dialogue with Paris, in a letter to Finance Minister Michel Sapin published Friday by Mediapart. I am writing to ask you the reasons which led France to divert budgetary objectives set by the Council, as regards both the deficit and the adjustment of the structural budget balance by 2015, writes the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs and budgetary Jyrki Katainen. I would also like to know how the France plans to comply with its obligations of budgetary policy in 2015, in accordance with the stability and Growth Pact, he says in this letter at the beginning of week to Paris, according to Mediapart. Francois Hollande confirmed Friday in Brussels at a European Summit, that the France had received this mail. It is a letter very trivial in accordance with the procedure and has no significance beyond to ask a certain number of information and clarification, he however downplayed, promising a response by the end of the week. The draft budget currently under discussion in the National Assembly provides for a deficit of 4.3 percent of GDP in 2015, while Paris was committed to bring it to 3% this year, pushing the 2017 goal. The evidence provided by the France the draft budget does not plan to bring the public deficit below the 3% of GDP by 2015, the Treaty reference value, is Jyrki Katainen. 2015 is the deadline set by the Council in its recommendations of June 21, 2013, with the aim of ending the procedure for excessive government deficit for the France, recalls. Everything suggests that the proposed budget for 2015 provides Miss budgetary requirements arising from the recommendations of the Commission under the excessive deficit procedure, insists the Commissioner, even though it states that the Commission is seeking to continue a constructive dialogue with the France. . You must read this info to learn more on this great matter.

Job, Istat: 7.6 million workers in September pending contract renewal.

Rome, Oct 24. (Afpenglish)-Are 7.6 million in September, workers waiting for contract renewal. Of these, 2.9 million are public sector workers. Altogether contracts waiting for renewal are 40 (including 15 belonging to the public administration). The reported Istat explaining that the share of employees in anticipation of the renewal of the economy stands at 59%, unchanged compared to the previous month. The months of waiting for workers with expired contracts are on average 33, an increase compared to the same month of 2013 (28.7). The average calculated out of the total of employees is 19.5 months, up from one year before (14.6). As for the private sector the share of employees waiting for renewal is equal to 47%, unchanged compared with the previous month and decided in September 2013 growth compared (36.4 percent). For the same sector the months of waiting for employees with contract expired are 18.1, while the average is 8.5 months considering all the employees in the industry. At the end of September the proportion of employees waiting for renewal is of 59.0% in the total economy and 47.0% in the private sector. The expectation of renewal for workers with expired contract is on average 33.0 months for all employees and to 18.1 months for those in the private sector. . For extra information on this subject click reference.

Katrin Göring-Eckardt: the Greens have never been a pacifist party.

Göring-Eckardt: No. I am convinced that it takes finally more humanitarian aid, but also military means to stop the IS. The Federal Government has provided so far only weapons against the Kurds and otherwise finely kept out. Now, she plans to send German trainers in the region and wants to circumvent this by the way, deliberately Parliament. It’s so seemingly. You have to fight for a UN mandate: I Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier urge, finally to do it. It is not excluded that you get Russia and China to agree to a such military action against the IS. Göring-Eckardt: Oh, it is obvious that after such a change of generation, as we had him after the elections, first everything again rebuke must shake themselves. The time after the election was certainly not easy. We have recruited us – in Berlin, together with the countries. Now, it comes to look forward together. We face some very important Landtag elections: 2016 in Baden-Württemberg, we have to defend the most important. That’s why I’m also so glad that Boris Palmer was just so convincingly re-elected as Mayor of Tübingen. It simply fits together: Palmer and Tübingen. Even though I personally tend not from cyclists to keep rising, if you drive too fast through the pedestrian zone. . Main data could be studied clicking the following weblink.

Start in ten weeks – Nahles warns employers to prepare to the minimum wage.

Federal Labour Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) has called on the employers to prepare in time for the minimum wage as of January 1. There are quite a few companies, "which are caught cold, if they don’t come in the slippers", Nahles said in Berlin on Thursday. There are quite a few companies, "which are caught cold, if they don’t come in the slippers", Nahles said in Berlin on Thursday. Some would be too long to leave, that the minimum wage will get a majority. Nahles should seasonal workers in particular the taxi industry and here again as well as gastronomy and agriculture in the eye. In the Ministry of the preparation is already in full swing. Nahles turned free on Thursday afternoon at the citizens telephone of Ministry in Rostock an extra minimum wage Helpline: 030 / 60 28 00 28. Here can get employers and employees about the provisions of the statutory minimum wage of EUR 8.50 per hour and from January 1 – may report violations. Ten employees are supposed to be from Monday until Thursday 00 specially care of 08 00 to 20 watch this topic. . You should check the following fact to read extra regarding this amazing topic.

Are you the real Mary Magdalene. Cracking the mystery of Caravaggio.

FLORENCE. When Mina Gregori was discovered in front of the eyes of la Maddalena in Caravaggio’s Ecstasy, said only: Finally, is she. The painting disappeared into thin air. What Michelangelo Merisi had on the boat in the direction of Porto Ercole, last voyage. At least eight copies around the world. And one real. This. The greatest scholar of Caravaggio, the student of Roberto Longhi, was discovered in a European collection. The image that we publish on these pages has never seen before. His head dropped back, eyes half closed, her mouth open, just the shoulders uncovered, hands folded, loose hair, white dress and the Red of the mantle. Mina Gregori is safe: the complexion varied tones body, the intensity of the face. Strong wrists and hands bruised tone with wonderful color and variations of light and shadow that obscures half of fingers are the most interesting and intense aspects of painting. Is Caravaggio. There are only the colors and technique, though. Oil on canvas, measuring 91.5 x 103.5 cm, hides another clue. Behind the painting there was a block with seventeenth-century handwriting which reads: Madalena Caravaggio reversa a Chiaia ivi from servare pel benefit of Cardinal Borghese in Rome. According to Gregori: this document definitively confirms the identification and attribution of the painting. . You must read this to learn extra about this great matter.

Football, Europa League: Lille and Guingamp.

Two games Dummies aimlessly. This is the balance sheet of the third evening’s Europa League Lille and Guingamp. The northerners, who were English from Everton in a context of very tense because of brawls between supporters, together their third draw straight in the competition (0-0). For the EAG, the result seems more positive: a good point is reduced from Belarus face Dynamo Minsk (0-0). Breton players could even prevail if Christophe Mandanne was shown to be more adroit in the 85th minute,.  After the fights, violent, interviews in the streets of Lille since Wednesday, the battle between the two clubs in Group H moved on the lawn of the stadium Pierre Mauroy in a much more serene atmosphere. Lille however failed to find the fault against a solid team of Everton (0-0). René Girard players undertake to go win in England in two weeks to qualify out of a pretty statement group and reach the 16th finals of the Europa League.   With three points, the mastiffs are third behind the Germans in Wolfsburg, totalling four units after their success (4-2) in Russia on the lawn of Krasnodar, while Everton kept the lead of the group with 5 points. Saw the difficult conditions (cold, lawn), En Avant Guingamp can be happy its brought back point of Belarus face Dynamo Minsk in Group K of the Europa League. Given the scenario, players from Jocelyn Gourvennec could long regret this missed opportunity in the 85th minute of the meeting.   Christophe Mandanne presents itself then against Belarusian goalkeeper but sent his strike on the post. In fifteen days, the GAT will, however, the chance to catch up with those same players of Dynamo Minsk before his public at du Roudourou. A victory would position the Britons in good position for the final 16. With 4 points, they are for the time being the same number of points as PAOK Thessaloniki beat tonight by Fiorentina (0-1) in Greece. The Italians prance at the top of the group with 9 points.   . Main facts can be found visiting the following

Revision required: works councils rebel against the women’s quota Bill.

The Coalition plans for a statutory women encounter persistent resistance among employee representatives. In recent weeks the leaders of the big industrial unions in the Federal Government had campaigned repeatedly Maas (both SPD) for a change of the draft of the law of family Minister Manuela Schwesig and Justice Minister Heiko – without tangible success. Now the operating Council of the automaker took Daimler the initiative: the overall Works Council Chief Michael Brecht and his Deputy, Ergun Lümali in a letter to the Vice Chancellor of Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) call for corrections. The present Bill, the women would have to hold at least 30 percent by 2016 on supervisory boards, according to is "from our point of view not thought through", it says in the letter, which exists in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Their concern: The planned regulation threatens to weaken the operational codetermination. On the employee side of the supervisory board usually Chairman of the major works of the Group would sent – so representatives, which colleagues in Works Council elections had given the trust? Will be no longer possible, if such candidates due to the new rate would have to be replaced by women. Brecht and Lümali lay great importance that they by no means reject the instrument of statutory quota. "One is pushed slightly in a wrong corner, if you have only concerns rules of procedure", afraid of Brecht. "But I am committed to advancement of women, since I do Council work", he assured on request. In the thing he wishes by the Government for SBS creates a quota system that exists today for works councils. Here, it is indicated that the proportion of women in the bodies is at least as high as the average for the workforce. For industrial concerns, who typically have less than 30 percent women, the quota rule for the Supervisory Board in the tendency would loosened so that something. Conversely the bar in sectors with many typical female occupations in doubt would be much higher. . Root data could be read visiting the following