Laurence Rossignol relaunching the debate on the spanking.

Pat on the hand, slap or spanking: while more than one parent on three recently confessed to having used his "right of correction" within a family, the subject of the prohibition of the Freehand on the youngest in the civil Code is not consensus. In addition, the tumultuous episodes of the marriage for all or the outcry of equal ABCD incite the Government for restraint. ‘I want society to take up the subject, and so legislation could come to sanctify something desired by the greatest number’, so carefully dropped Tuesday Laurence Rossignol before the child protection associations. In this strained context, counsel for the association children and sharing, Me Agathe Morel, suggests otherwise wondering about this debate, which can both be smirking that annoy. "Prohibit spanking as such does not solve anything. We do not need a new law, but a true reflection on this "right of correction" now granted to parents in France, she said. Should well obviously not aim exceeded MOM who distributes a slap an evening of fatigue but open our eyes to these families where the smacking, spanking and humiliation are part of everyday life. » Educational violence today "insufficiently taken into account" according to the association, which recalls that approximately two children die every day under the blows of their parents. . Main data can be studied checking this link.

New alterations in the rules of the Assembly commission.

The delegation of vote advertising, negotiation of a statute for the parliamentary staff, or exceptions to the retransmission of the debates in the Committee: Members have made Wednesday a few touches to a proposal for amendment of the regulations of the Assembly. This proposed amendment, submitted by the president of the Assembly Claude Bartolone PS) and whose commission review must end Wednesday night, will be debated and amended on 26 November in the Chamber. The law commission has developed its paw, integrating on a suggestion ecologist the principle of transparency of the delegations of vote, which will be published in the Official Journal following the record of each meeting. The delegations are limited to one per Member since 1993. The existence of the register of interest representatives, online since early 2014 on the site of the Assembly, also was included in the regulation, via an amendment ecologist. In addition, parliamentary staff, which are currently 2. 090 from 577 deputies, will benefit from a status which will be negotiated with their professional organisations, under amendments to the president of the commission of the laws, Jean-Jacques Victor (PS). These votes were welcomed by their organizations, SNCP and AFCP, claiming a status for a long time. Employees are bound by a contract of private law to their MP-employer, like the employees of very small business (TPE) benefiting or d? a collective nor d? no status defined, what constitutes an exception on the labour market, says Robert, himself a former assistant parliamentary. It considers that such a situation night both the employees in question qu? l? image of l?National Assembly as qu? institution. Furthermore, on the sensitive issue of the publicity of debates in Committee, that the Socialists wanted not systematic, a compromise was found, by an amendment by Mr. Urvoas. Mr. Bartolone resolution proposal the principle of publicity of the work of the committees unless derogation in exceptional and motivated by their respective offices. The adopted amendment maintains the exceptional character of the derogation for legislative work, but removes it for non-legislative work, as the hearings of personalities, i.e. facilitates these discussions behind closed doors. This element of flexibility could find in s? apply to committees (Foreign Affairs, defence, European Affairs, etc.) regularly through hearings calling some discretion, notes Mr. Urvoas. . You can click this homepage to learn more regarding this interesting subject.

Russia-Hungary: relations based on pragmatism (Lavrov).

Russian and Hungarian Foreign Ministers, Sergei Lavrov and Peter Szijjarto, stressed the importance of relations between the two countries, stating that it was a partnership based on pragmatism.    Our relations, based on long traditions of mutual respect and friendship, are characterized by the desire to develop joint projects mutually beneficial in a constructive and pragmatic spirit, said Mr Lavrov.    He recalled that during their meeting in Moscow last January, Russian president Vladimir Poutine and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had concluded important agreements.  It is now necessary to see how they are applied, especially given your status as second Co-Chairman of the Hungarian intergovernmental commission for economic cooperation, said the head of Russian diplomacy.    For his part, Peter Szijjarto noted that it was very important to personally examine the development of our bilateral relations.    The Hungary regards Russia as a key partner. Given that the Russia is the largest partner [in Hungary] outside the European Union and that it plays a very important role in the delivery of energy to the countries of Central Europe, we are delighted to cooperate in improving energy security in the region, said Hungarian Minister. . Original source can be studied clicking the following homepage.

M5S: voter grillino still exists? Yes, but it has cooled.

The dispute with Paola Tavern, perhaps, something he says. To tell you the truth, with the passing of the hours, that of Kolhapur was a dispute somewhat fanciful. One of the protesters was not a city any but that Sandra Zampataro, Pd 24 position candidate for the city of Rome. And 20 people shouting at the Tavern to leave because "we don’t want politicians", then, you are locked in a meeting with the Chairman of the Town Hall (also Pd). Rebellion of the square, or hand piddina is, however, a feeling that the movement 5 Stars is no longer the preferred Terminal of protest and anger. The tavern he repeated "not be a politics," eager to emphasise the differences between "us" and "them" that much work to 2013 and today is less effective. In this context, drastically changed from just six months ago (when somebody believed even overtaking), feels like a 5-star voter? Not a staunch activist, not one of those that we inform you on the net. We refer here to the voter "municipality": what do you think? Probably the rivoterebbe, considered that the pollsters continue to give the M5S at 20%. The figure, more or less, obtained in May. Potential votes, in fact, have risen, because abstention is dropped. However, it is not lowered Renzi, not enough at least for 5 Stars. And in the meantime grows Lega Nord. The 5-star voter probably the lessons learned from previous, but more coldly. Perhaps rivoterebbe them because there is nothing better. Perhaps because it drops in Landini; Maybe because dying Christian Democrats, and therefore renziani, there is time. However, a vote is less convinced and fatally disillusioned. More than victory, the hope seems to be an Honourable defeat: an honest opposition. What he has chilled the voter 5 stars? Maybe you see them more in TV, maybe not know next to nothing of what they do: the Taliban would respond that "networking is everything," but the retiree or homemaker very rarely compulsano the facebook page of Vito Crimi. The 5-star voter has cooled because, especially after Europe saw many members behave as if their was an elite club: a club d’essai to the initiates, who does not seek new members but prefers to convince the already convinced and say (alone) "we are the best". Exactly what you want Renzi. The 5-star voter has cooled because, despite not having never trusted Bersani nor have ever loved Prodi, thinks that in certain joints the 5 Stars were supposed to be more tactical and less duropuristi. The voter 5 Stars is cool because some post of cricket seem masochistic and if you’re still attaccaread Maleki journalists ends that comes almost want to reevaluate them all, but everyone, even Pigi Baptist and Menichini. The voter 5 Stars is cool because there is something in the House-holder that just don’t get it. The voter 5 Stars is cool, because the agreement with Farage, however strategically "necessary" is indigestible yesterday as today (and the voter 5 Stars is a demanding, is not used to swallowing toads. No vote Pd). The common 5-star voter is currently cooled because, if you promise utopia but not keep, then the disillusionment is brutal. And at that point, anyone who has "dared" embody the true change, pay beyond its demerits. Getting more criticism than you deserve. . You must read this to read extra regarding this amazing subject.

Cancellation without postponement of all convictions because the offences are prescribed. It’s that he has asked the Attorney General’s surprise Dismissal, Francesco Mauro I.s, at the hearing of the maxi Eternit process which opened this morning in front of the first criminal division of the Supreme Court headed by Arturo Cortese. In the aula magna of piazza Cavour, there are also many victims ‘ families of Casale Monferrato, Cavagnolo, RUbiera and Bagnoli. Children and even grandchildren of workers or ordinary citizens who have died of pleural mesothelioma, the cancer caused by inhaling asbestos dust, in four Italian plants of Swiss-Belgian multinational. The prosecutor asked the judge this morning to declare the contested offenses to the prescription of Swiss mogul Stephan Schmidheiny, nullifying the referral judgment given without the June 3, 2013 by the Corte d’appello di Torino, which had sentenced the accused to 18 years imprisonment.     Fold the right to justice, justice can be done today but in the future create a thousand wrongs. The British say that hard cases make bad laws. It may happen that law and justice are in opposite directions, the judges have no alternative, should follow the right said I.s, representing the prosecution, during his indictment.   We are in the presence of a leading case, a first trial in Italy which has substantial implications and significant expectations not only for the people involved but for the scientific community because you create a precedent for the future. The report of the facts which date back to 1966 (there were over 40 years of reconstructions of the facts) is entrusted to rapporteur Maria Piera Caprioglio. According to surveys that brought forward in time the Prosecutor Raffaele Guariniello in Turin, together with the pm Gianfranco Colace and Sara Panelli, the highest summits of Asbestos were aware, at least from the years ‘ 70, that asbestos caused deadly diseases but, according to the judges of first and second degree, would choose with awareness to continue working are harmful. by LUCIANO GALLINO. Main source could be found reading this weblink.

The announcement of the Christmas lottery, upside down.

#1 do not have the qualifier this announcement. It is exploitative, trying to provoke an emotional current towards the purchase of lottery to ampar moving in a negative situation for many people, and seems to tell you that your only exit is the lottery to. But adem s, the solution to insin for it do not have resources to buy a d cimo is,. that buy you you, that Yes, an nimamente a friend,. will! This causes to be displayed as a prohibitive expense for many 20 d cimo. Seems unaware of, and therefore the downplays the practice extended at Christmas of shares, allowing access to those who cannot or do not want to buy a d cimo 20. For last, does not seem that this campaign to help spread the optimism that the Government is est transmitting society on the present and future evolution of the n of the econom a, being Lottery State as a body under the Government. It seems to me a field to grim, ventajista, false and demagogic, and of doubtful morality. soslayo exploitative situation,. to see if you’re going to prefer scurfy version n of the past or now? As get you so much palabrer to a simple advertisement,. I don’t want to imagine when you with the ten, Mu RCTs of A’famosa and dem s toys! (That with the permission of the colonies). Please, that is a simple announcement of the lottery for Christmas, don’t look for 50 feet to the cat, nor see ghosts where there. If the bald poor Christmas lift the head,. because in all your comment, what you show is a deep hatred of the des-gobierno of the PP with your anime head pusil, and everything is political to. But f jate, something we agree, I use those same epithets (harmful, false, demagogue, dubious morality, ventajista, and ado presumptuous, sinverg enza and used) to name your God Pablo queues,. Yes, that party fuck. . For extra data regarding this matter read

Australia: illegal migrants are pushed in neighbours.

Intercepted vessels are systematically turned back to Indonesia, with a clear message, a communication from the Government campaign theme: ‘No way, you will not make Australia home’ (no chance, you you will not be installing in Australia) – AFP its name sounds like an irony for thousands of clandestine migrants who live there. Because the Christmas Island detention centre shall issue to the dropper the gift that they had come to seek: a visa for the Australia. This Australian confetti lost in the Indian Ocean is part of some 20. 000 migrants, mainly from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, who have attempted the crossing since the Indonesia last year. A trend that has accelerated since 2012 and which prompted Canberra to spend 3.3 billion Australian dollars (2.3 billion euros) to strengthen the control of illegal immigrants and their sea routes. Intercepted vessels are systematically turned back to Indonesia, with a clear message, a communication from the Government campaign theme: ‘No way, you will not make Australia home’ (no chance, you you will not be installing in Australia). The country already transferred all arrivals by boat migrants in transit centres in its neighbours, Nauru, small State in the Pacific, Papua New Guinea (Manus Island), or on Christmas Island (whose status equals that of foreign territory for immigrants). And Cambodia has recently accepted, against aid of 40 million Australian dollars over four years, the final transfer on its soil of a portion of the refugees whom the Australia does not want. A first international denounced by NGOs and the United Nations refugee agency, who sees "a disturbing drift compared to international conventions", and which was already moved to Australian politics, while thousands of asylum-seekers have filed a collective complaint against their conditions of detention. An independent MP Andrew Wilkie comes even from a complaint before the International Criminal Court to denounce "the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Government against the people arriving in Australian waters to find asylum. This restrictive policy raises little opposition in the country, both parties policies (except the Greens), than among the population, which has more than a quarter of foreign-born citizens. "Successive Governments have all supported a strong immigration through a controlled program based on the needs of the economy, says Peter MacDonald, Professor of demography at the Australian National University and a member of the Ministerial Council on skilled immigration. ” The Australian company attaches great importance to the order and discipline. However the Government compares illegal migrants of free riders. And Australians hate it. » Claire Higgins, of Kaldor Center, a research organization devoted to refugees international, note however that the number of asylum seekers "is tiny" compared to a migratory flow net 240. 000 people per year in the last decade. And recalls that the refugees also contribute to the economy: "in 2000, among the billionaires eights that had the country, five had a refugee past. ” Original facts may be read clicking the following link.

It happens in Europe: Le Pen and Mr Farage are common front against Juncker.

Europhobes of all countries, unite! Jean-Claude Juncker succeeded despite him closer Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen, who yet each one for one feels as strong as that in the European Union. The parliamentary group europhobe EFDD (Europe of freedom and direct democracy, in french), led by the obnoxious British Nigel Farage (Ukip) announced this Tuesday have tabled a motion of censure in an attempt to dismiss Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, after the scandal of the «LuxLeaks» on the tax arrangements made between the Luxembourg and large multinationals. In a statement, the group says have brings ‘ 76 signatures of MEPs necessary (,.). including the EFDD 44 and 32 of unregistered. Gold in these non registered, found the overwhelming majority of MEPs of the National Front (except Le Pen including father). Marine Le Pen has therefore agreed to ally themselves with a Nigel Farage who however said in the spring of the FN that "anti-Semitism was inscribed in its DNA. The two parties will were also clashed after the elections, each dredging the same MEPs to try to mount a parliamentary group. Finally only the Ukip did,. We believe that the urge to strike a symbolic blow to the authority of Jean-Claude Juncker is stronger than the memory of all the names of birds traded for a few months. In fact, this motion of censure – which should be put to a vote next week at a session in Strasbourg – has however no chance to pass. Despite the "Luxleaks" that has shaken the credibility of Jean-Claude Juncker, none of pro-European parties (the conservatives from the EPP course, but also the S & D Socialists, Liberal ALDE and even the Greens) asked the head of Juncker far lest they weaken a little more the Commission European. The pro-Juncker therefore still have a comfortable majority. But this motion is the first coup d ‘ éclat of the Eurosceptics, who intend to play the spoilsports in the legislature. She also anchored a little more the movement 5 stars (M5S) of Beppe Grillo in this sphere, this party is being shown very vocal to claim this motion. A few weeks ago yet the Greens hoped to attract term baroque coupling of the M5S – which is for the moment out of the EFDD – in his own parliamentary group, but this issue seems to be more and more clogged. Even within the Union, changes nationalities were especially concerned Romanians (25-200 people) and the Poles (12,800). Compared to the total population of each Member State, it is the Luxembourg, almost half of the population is of Portuguese origin, which has the most naturalized citizens (8.7 awards for 1. 000). Then comes the (5.5) Ireland and Sweden (5.3). Finally Eurostat stressed that these nationality grants most often concern young people: more than a third of the new Europeans had less than 25 years. Tuesday, the trade union confederation DGB, which brings together the eight largest trade unions in the country, last gave its favourable opinion not without claiming a few improvements to the text. It is far from the displayed unit in 2010 when the DGB and the BDA employers signed a statement proposing to reform the right of collective bargaining. The discussions involved while the nuisance of small categorical unions has never been so important. At Deutsche Bahn, after the strikes that shook the railway to the call of the GDL railwaymen’s trade union movement pauses. The direction and the GDL railwaymen’s Trade Union are invited by the Labour Court of Frankfurt to reach agreement by mid-December, while the EVG, main Union, GDL competitor, must be associated with the discussions. In the future, if several unions claim the right to represent the interests of categories of employees, only Union comprising the most affiliate should have priority. The Bill does not seek to eliminate the small unions, said in Berlin, but to encourage the representatives of several organizations to discuss at the same table. The Bill must pass in the Council of Ministers on 5 December. . You must visit the following to read more on this interesting subject.

The number of homeless has increased 44% since 2001.

SOCIAL РIn 2012, they were more than 100. 000 throughout the territory. Insee revealed in his portrait of the France, published this Wednesday, November 19, in the metropolitan areas of at least 20. 000 inhabitants, there are 81. 000 adults and 31. 000 homeless children. A figure that has increased by 44% between 2001 and 2012. Faced with the difficulty to identify, the two authors of the study (Fran̤oise Yaouancq and Michel Du̩e) are interested in persons who are users of accommodation or meal distribution services. They have therefore taken into account all personal homeless people, sleeping in a place not intended for habitation or even hosted an emergency, or for a longer period, by an organization or association. Because it is one of the findings of this text: the spectrum of people who are homeless is much wider than that which one thinks at first. Only one homeless on ten life in the street, public gardens or stations. The majority of the persons concerned (33%) spend the night in a collective centre, 30% are housed in accommodation provided by an association or an organization, 16% to the hotel and 12% in a centre that they must leave in the morning. It should be noted however that the situation is different if we look only at the Paris conurbation which concentrates 44% of the homeless. In this region, accommodation is even more precarious than elsewhere. The growing number of homeless and real estate pressures in this town forced to propose hosting solutions easier to mobilize, as hotel rooms, write the authors of the study. Result, 30% sleep at the hotel against less than 8% in the rest of the country. They are also more likely to be homeless, as they represent 14% of the homeless people against 3% in cities less of 200. 000 inhabitants. This survey distinguishes not on French and foreign people, but on those born in France and foreign born. As a result, more than half of adults (45 000 81 000 or 55%) were born abroad while in the overall population, only 14% of adults were born outside France. Among them, 58% are from a country in Africa: 23% of the Maghreb and 35% from sub-Saharan Africa. There are also 24% coming from a country outside the European Union Europe, 8% of a country that joined the EU between 2004 and 2007, 7% from Asia or Oceania or America and 3% in a country of Europe in 15 countries. Nearly 16,000 homeless are not francophone, or more than one third of the foreign-born homeless, add the authors. Thus, it includes more easily how these people were able to gather in the street. The investigation also very finely studied the phenomenon. More broadly the family situation of homeless people is regularly pointed the finger. They often carry the weight of a childhood marked by painful family stories, can be read. Thus, 25% of the homeless born in France have been placed in foster care or in home during their youth. More than half also evoke a serious illness or death of a parent. And the contacts they have today with their families are very often distended. . For extra facts about this matter visit

Hong Kong: Protesters try to storm Parliament.

After almost eight-week protests, demonstrators in Hong Kong have tried in vain on the night of Wednesday, to occupy the Parliament building. The police used early Wednesday morning according to own statements of pepper spray to push back the protesters. Eye-witnesses reported that protesters had tried to smash the glass panes and doors to get into the building. Four men aged between 18 and 24 years were arrested, inter alia because of damage to property, as reported by the police. Three police officers were so injured and treated in the hospital. On Tuesday, police and workers had begun to remove roadblocks to the main protest camp in Hong Kong. The protests had inflamed plans Beijing, 2017 for the first time to allow to refuse a free nomination of candidates the voters but a direct election in Hong Kong. Since the return of the former British Crown Colony in 1997 to China Hong Kong is governed autonomously as its own territory. . For extended information about this subject check