Case Matacena, the Dda asks immediate judgment for the former Minister Scajola, Chiara Rizzo and Martino Parthasarathy.

The Dda in Reggio Calabria requested the immediate judgment for the former Minister Claudio Scajola, Chiara Martino Politi, Rizzo and all three at home as part of the investigation on alleged State aid a fugitive by Amedeo Matacena, former Deputy budget definitively convicted for Mafia Association external competition. Disputed charges-Scajola, in particular, is accused of having tried to steal Matacena atonement of the penalty by giving to transfer from Dubai, where, in Beirut, in Lebanon, a country where it is more difficult to obtain extradition. The same accusation is disputed also Chiara Rahman, wife of Matacena, and Parthasarathy, factotum of the former politician, who are believed to be responsible for the Dda also have attempted to disguising the Matacena capital to subtract any seizures. Immediate judgment-The Dda of Reggio Calabria, in the request to the Court for gup Claudio Scajola, Chiara Martino Politi, Rizzo and as you learned from a qualified source, did not dispute the aggravating circumstance provided for by art. 7 have helped the ‘ ndrangheta. The aggravation was excluded from gip Olga Tabatha who had issued the order for remand in custody may last 8 performed by Dia reggina against Scajola and seven other people. Updated-about hearing there was then an appeal, in the appeal, the Review Tribunal Dda of Reggio Calabria. After two postponements due to technical reasons, the hearing was adjourned to October 1. Among the other five suspects in the investigation include the same Matacena implemented, meanwhile, the Supreme Court has reduced the sentence for Mafia Association external competition from 5 to 3 years. . For extended insights regarding this matter visit

Bring back our girls: 220 black silhouettes at the exit of the subway.

At the exit of the metro, 220 women, black silhouettes cardboard, stand by group of four, on a dais. One can read the Bring Back Our Girls hashtag (bring our daughters). Around their neck, a sign with their name, as in the school. Except that the 220 girls represented here will more go to school: kidnapped April 14, 2014 auNigeria, because they were schoolgirls, the Boko Haram Islamist organization claimed responsibility for their abduction in a video. Same uncertainty for these two women from 40 to 50 years: when it passed by car yesterday, it was thought that it was military or well women in burqa.  Many wonder about the authenticity of the names – it is indeed those of 220 young Nigerian girls. But the symbol seems well chosen: black silhouettes, it is reminiscent of the dead at the roadside, it marks the minds, observes the businessman. The location also: we see it at the exit of the metro, notice these two teenage girls seated a little further down. . You must check this to learn more regarding this amazing subject.

The boss of UBS wants a balanced solution to the dispute in France.

The Director-general of the Swiss Bank UBS said Tuesday will find a balanced solution to the dispute in France, believing that the revalued bail last week to 1.1 billion euros went beyond common sense. The Swiss Bank was put in consideration the week last in Paris for money laundering tax evasion on a case involving the illegal solicitation of clients invited to open undeclared accounts in Switzerland between 2004 and 2012. The Bank, which had already been the subject of an indictment in June 2013 for illegal canvassing, has in the aftermath saw his bail relieved of 2.875 million euros to 1.1 billion. This deposit goes totally beyond all good sense, said Sergio Ermotti journalists during a telephone conference on the occasion of the publication of the results of the second quarter. He stressed that this amount was disproportionate to the agreement that the Bank had just concluded in Germany, which remains by far its biggest market in Europe. The Bank announced Tuesday that it would pay a little more than EUR 300 million following an agreement with the Prosecutor’s office in Bochum, in the land of North Rhine-Westphalia, where proceedings had been launched after the purchase by inspectors of the tax authorities of CD containing data stolen in Switzerland. Sergio Ermotti explained that the Bank had been in contact with the French authorities to reach an agreement, the basis for negotiation within the two-digit million region, he said, until that suddenly the thing took a political turn, he continued. He reiterated that the Bank would appeal the bail. Sergio Ermotti took control of UBS in may 2012, together with Axel Weber, the former president of the German federal reserve who has taken the head of the Board of Directors, following a series of scandals in the Bank business which had tarnished the image of the number one of the banking sector in Switzerland. Since taking office, he had endeavoured to one disputes inherited from the past. We are always ready to find how the best and the most pragmatic of these issues in the interest of all parties, he said. But things must be balanced, he insisted. . Main data can be found clicking this resource.

The Yukos affair is also the 50-million dollar verdict not yet to end.

The dismantling of the Yukos oil group has a potentially extremely expensive injury for Russia. As noted on Monday, the Permanent Court of arbitration in the Hague gave quite already mid July-former Yukos shareholders, who demanded compensation amounting to around 100 billion dollars from Russia. The judge said now "only" compensation of almost $52 billion to the plaintiffs in its unanimous judgment, but it is still the largest sum in the history of international arbitration. The old record was $2.5 billion. The Court of arbitration in the Hague ruled now, the primary objective of the State was not cover tax liabilities, but the dismantling of Yukos and the removal of Chodorkowskijs from the political landscape. The main shareholder of the old Yukos was an investment vehicle called the Menatep group, later renamed to GML. As the noose around Khodorkovsky moved to, he transferred his GML share on the co-shareholder Leonid Newslin, who rose to the majority owner, who fled after Israel. This GML, the other Russian businessmen are involved in 2005 brought the case in the Hague. Khodorkovsky himself is involved in the process and said months ago on the Yukos legal disputes not to participate. Nevertheless, he welcomed the verdict in a statement on Monday. Beneficiaries of the auction of Yukos were State-controlled companies in Russia, which received new production units for very little money. Especially Rosneft gained much weight. After the takeover of the TNK-BP also private competitors in the year 2013, the company is today the world’s largest publicly traded oil company. It is headed by Igor Setschin a close confidant of President, Putin. Rosneft said on Monday it was not subject to the process and not expect payment after the verdict. All transactions were legal. The compensation promised to GML is equivalent to almost three quarters of Rosneft’s market cap. GML although represents the most important, but only a handful of the 55 000 former shareholders of Yukos. The European Court of human rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, a lawsuit by two Dutch foundations is pending for several years representing all shareholders. According to media reports, they demanded compensation initially 98 billion and now 38 billion dollars. It is the second major procedure to the Yukos heritage (apart from minor skirmishes to millions). The verdict could be announced on Tuesday. In 2011, the Court had damped expectations the applicant however as he explained the Russian tax claims for eligible and criticized only the infringement of property rights of Yukos. The Hague Tribunal holds in the judgment, Yukos used ways of tax optimization, but from a knitting was never shot by the end of 2003 the group. . For more data regarding this matter visit

Abi sees enlightened on the horizon: rebounding economy and banking sector.

Milan-Italian banks estimate enlightened on the horizon, both economically and on financial sector. If this year, according to the report drawn up by Afo Abi-Italian Banking Association-, the Gdp will grow marginally (+0.3%) in the period 2015-16 should increase growth of 1.3% -1.4. For banks, this means that, in spite of a significant amount of deteriorated claims there are signs of a return to the expansion of loans, which will tend to increase the greater will be the recovery in investment and the fall of riskiness. In particular the Abi estimates that jobs for residents, dropped 3 percent in 2013 in positive return (+0.6%) in 2014 and then accelerate (+1.6 and +2.6) in the following two years, hand in hand with the growth of GDP. The growth of gross suffering should undergo a screeching halt from +24% last year to a +17.4% this year and dimezzandosi to a +8.9% in 2015. Bonds, in free fall in recent months, should return to slight positive territory only in 2015. For the Abi in particular encourage the resumption of credit the increased demand linked to economic growth and an improvement in the quality of credit, also through a significant reduction in the risk of new loans to businesses which however will remain the only sector still valued to significant risk. With the typical delays that implies, this improvement will travel even on stocks of suffering at the end of the forecast period will show signs of stabilizing its relationship with jobs. For further risk reduction requires a robust recovery of Italian growth and then the full unfolding of reformative action. As for the budgets of the institutions for the Abi in next three years will record net profits for a total of 19.4 billion. The report says 2.9 billion of profits this year (after the ‘ red ‘ of 22.3 billion in 2013), other 6.7 billion in 2015 and a net 2016 with almost 10 billion net profits. Despite the numbers, the Abi said that the banks ‘ profitability (roe) should be on average at 1.7% not only far from pre-crisis levels, but also by the low values achieved in the first three years of crisis. In the opinion of insufficient profitability perspective, determined by the continuing high cost of risk weight and a lower dynamics of revenue, continues to ask for further streamlining efforts from the cost side. . Original source can be found checking the following

French authorities spend more than they earn.

The financial situation of local authorities has again deteriorated in 2013, as the result of an increase in spending much higher than revenue, resulting in a net increase of their debt, according to an official report. Last year, local authorities operating expenditures increased by 2.9%, a near pace in 2011 and 2012 (respectively + 2.8% and + 3.1%), according to the report of the Observatory of local finances. Established under the direction of the Committee on local finance (CFL) chaired by Andr̩ Laignel (PS), this annual report, consisting of data still provisional published Monday by the daily newspaper Les Echos, comes to be put online. While the watchword, for several years, is to control costs, communities (communes and communes, departments, regions Department) staff costs increased by 3.1% in 2013. If this is due to several factors, the importance of this increase seems to indicate that the strength of local communities have continued to make progress in 2013, considers the rapporteur, Senator Charles Guen̩ (UMP, Haute-Marne). On the other hand, operating revenues are up by 1.5%. Revenues from local taxes (including those paid by the companies) increased by 4.6%, but other duties and taxes fell by 2.7%. As expected, the endowments of the State experienced a gel. Consequence, gross savings Рthe excess of operating budgets Рhas decreased in a year of EUR 31 billion to 29.3 billion. Local authorities have nevertheless continued to invest heavily: + 5.4%, the highest increase since 2007. The year prior to the municipal elections is still a year of major investments, recalls the report. In 2013, 86% of investments were financed with the communities on their own resources, excluding. But it is seven points less than in 2012, and 12 less in 2011, is concerned about the report. For all levels of communities, the debt has risen sharply: it reached 137 billion, or 4.2 more than in 2012. For all local governments (communities, public services and local, as semi-public organizations Chambers of commerce), the need for financing increased from 0.7 md in 2011 to 9.2 billion in 2013. . For more on this matter click home page.

In Israel, “the back” is holding firm.

Despite this "radicalization" isolated voices began to be heard. Saturday night, some five thousand Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv to demand fighting stop with as slogans: "vengeance is not a policy", "Enough deaths", "it pulls more, we cry more. The influx has surprised organizers located to the far left. Until then, only a few hundred hard-core activists were mobilised. Among stakeholders, the testimony of Ben Kfir, an old man whose daughter was killed in an attack Hamas in 2003 was deeply moved. "In Gaza, they (the Islamists) dig tunnels in concrete. ” In the West Bank, Israel built a concrete separation wall, why not use all this concrete to build bridges between us?", he asked. The famous writer David Grossman was also reached on the military radio to call Israelis and Palestinians to "out of their bubble, hermetic, cruel and anguished", pressing the Government to negotiate with Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, to try to engage in a dialogue with Hamas. According to him, the tension within Israeli society is such that a political assassination is not excluded. "Same Netanyahu could become a target for far-right activists willing to shed the blood of all those who do not think like them, he warned. . You should read the following source to discover more on this interesting topic.

Spain: the Socialist Pedro Sanchez wants to back the Spain market.

Pedro Sanchez, who conquered the Spanish Socialists by his charisma and his positive words, called Sunday, in his inaugural speech, the Socialist Party, now drained, replace the Spain market and regain the power lost in 2011. In white shirt, gesture determined, raising voice to better persuade this member for 42 years, there is little still unknown to the general public, came to be designated by 86 percent of the 3. 000 delegates from the Spanish workers Socialist Party (PSOE) new general Secretary of this party, first force of opposition to the Conservative Government of Mariano Rajoy. And if open primaries are yet to designate one who will face right in the legislative elections of 2015, it is a keynote speech delivered for nearly an hour, Pedro Sanchez. The cheers, he called his party to work to pick up a country exceeded, indignant, wounded, bruised by six years of economic crisis that leaves a quarter of assets to unemployment. We are again standing to replace the Spain market, he said, in his speech, drawing up a State of the art without concessions and multiplying the promises, which makes this novice now player of Spanish political life. Monday, he will be received by Mariano Rajoy, posing as a loyal partner but decided to be heard on the hottest issues, starting with that of the catalan independence movement: if he was opposed to the referendum that want to organize the nationalists in November, he calls however for a revision of the Constitution in order to conduct the Spain towards more federalism. I am an activist base which, a year ago and a half, was not in the policy, yet likes to tell this Professor of Economics at the Conqueror smile, Deputy of Madrid became Socialist activist in 2009, in 2011, and then again in 2013, every time without being elected, after the departure of a parliamentarian. -A chatty party – in a few weeks, become the star of TV sets, it will have swept its rivals, to be elected on July 13 by socialist activists to succeed Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba. At the age of 62, this veteran politician had just resigned in the aftermath of the rout of the party in the European elections of May 25. I suggest that we should once and for all abandon the complexes, has said Pedro Sanchez Sunday, while the PSOE is held responsible for the economic slump in which the Spain is immersed since the bursting of the housing bubble in 2008. Claiming the legacy of its predecessors, Felipe Gonzalez, head of the Government from 1982 to 1996, and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (2004-2011), he cited education, health care, gay marriage or the voluntary termination of pregnancy Act, one of the flagship laws of the second Zapatero government than the right means today to question. Promising to modernize a country punished by an economic crisis without end, away from its institutions, the new Secretary general asked the Socialists to work to build a better Spain where the unemployed will have guaranteed benefits, where macho terrorism will be eradicated, where young people find work not to thirty and twenty years. He announced, if the Socialists returned to power, a law of equal pay between men and women, as well as the repeal of the law on the market of labour, one of the instruments of policy followed by austerity for 2012 by Mariano Rajoy. Denouncing the passage the patriotism of those who choose heritage instead of the homeland, he promised to fight against tax fraud, one of the wounds of the Spanish economy, and to publish quarterly accounts of the party. Defending any demagogy, it responds on this ground in small formations of left that since 2011, impinge on the electorate of the two major traditional parties, the popular, right-wing party and the PSOE, taking advantage of the loss of confidence caused by the crisis and the proliferation of corruption cases. . Additional text can be inspected reading

Solar Super-Tempete: we escaped a major upset.

In general, when the NASA Science News site publishes a release, a few alerts are triggered across the planet, links begin to circulate on social networks, specialized blogs blogs are written almost automatically, echoing the information more or less faithfully, sometimes adding a title a little more engaging, to collect some additional like if he found a particularly echo resounding in the world press, including the non-specialised press, it is because it helped to draw attention to the more sustained interest that States and some commercial enterprises bear the risks in what is called today the space weather, and that it will strengthen probably in the long term a thorough reflection on the vulnerability of our societies to an inevitable dramatic cosmic event type : a solar super-tempete! These ejections can be more or less violent, and involve a greater or lesser quantity of material. Or what we said the recent release of NASA, is that in July 2012, the Sun has experienced an eruptive exceptional event, and that if it had happened eight to ten days earlier, the enormous puff of magnetized plasma ejected at the speed of approximately eight million km/h would hit the land of head-on, with consequences difficult to accurately estimatebut undoubtedly major! In addition to commercial and logistical issues, States have to consider aspects related to command and defence systems and all the positioning, navigation and telecommunication systems, more generally, strategic of such super-tempete dependent more relay satellite which would be the first affected by the major solar event that is sure to occur, a day where the other. The international scientific community is organized for a long time to understand the aspects physical and Astrophysical of these phenomena, as well as to mitigate their impact. Space probes and observation satellites are deployed to collect more and more specific and complementary data. So can limit the impact of a major solar event inevitable and otherwise control its consequences, least anticipate the most critical of them, and manage the main problems resulting therefrom. . You must read the following to discover more on this amazing matter.

Münsing: Young motorists in Münsing killed in an accident.

A 20-year-old car driver from Münsing came on Saturday morning killed in an accident. According to the police, the young man at 9 o’clock on the State Road from Garmisch Highway, lost control of his vehicle after Sankt Heinrich as he shortly before a wooded area was. He ran into the opposite lane and hit there on the oncoming car of a 66-year-old Inn Ingers. The 20 year old so injury contracted during the collision, that he died still at the accident site. The Inninger and his two Beifahrerinnen were seriously injured. Total damage was founded on two cars. The usage at the accident site was unusually difficult especially for the forces of the Red Cross of the German saving society (DLRG): the deadly accident was himself a member of the BRK and the DLRG. The young Münsingen worked voluntarily in Geretsried BRK readiness, as well in the BRK support group Sanitätseinsatzleitung. He was a member of the German Youth Red Cross (JRK) in Königsdorf and also engaged in the DLRG. He was just on the way to the service for the DLRG at the guard station Ambach am Starnberger See, when the accident occurred. The Münsingen was very committed, said BRK circle, Managing Director Andreas Schäfer. The young man, he knew himself not personally, but from seeing her, found in the Red Cross and the DLRG his task. For the forces of both organisations on the scene, it had been very hard to determine that this is someone of the own troop, Group Managing Director said. . Main facts could be read visiting this