Tower of sleight.

Wei Ling Soo is an illusionist of genius able to volatilize an elephant on stage. In reality, under the mask of this Chinese Mandrake hides Stanley Crawford, British caustic, arrogant, bad couch, conscious of his superiority and ready the proclaimed urbi and orbi. One evening he triumphed at Berlin, his oldest friend, Howard, magician like him, but a notch below, comes to ask him his help. It was once, tells, on the French Riviera, a very pretty young girl named Sophie, chaperoned by his mother Mrs Baker. There ends the fairy tale. Sophie, who claims to be a medium, has put the pitchfork on a wealthy family, the Catledge. After having wound the mother, who is about to sign a fat cheque to Ms. Baker to create a foundation for research on Spiritism, she maraboute the son, a grand dadais him singing his verses of doggerel at sunset strumming his ukulele and the harassing of his marriage proposals. Howard tried to trap the girl, but it failed; It is really very strong. Only Stanley, mediumistic headhunter experienced, could achieve demonstrate the imposture. The problem is that it fails, too. Will Stanley-le-skeptic end up believing in the possibility of a beyond filled of ectoplasms? A the existence of God? Hey! wake up Stanley, or you fell in love? Child, Woody Allen loved doing magic, he even invented a card trick which he refilait the secret to his buddies. His filmography reflects this taste for illusion («Zelig», «The Purple Rose of Cairo», "Midnight in Paris", "The curse of the jade scorpion"). Suffice to say that as soon as the first images of ‘ Magic in the Moonlight ", the scenery is not on the menu. One has the delicious impression of donning a comfortable brodequin beautifully embroidered with Chinese motifs. While jazz music very roaring twenties adds to the feeling of well-being, is to let go, in a semi-beatitude, enticed by the prospect of enjoying the new concotion of Chief Allen. It is tasty thanks in particular to the charm of Emma Stone and the elegance of Colin Firth, who bicker more tenderly in the old-fashioned of the Côte d’Azur, luxurious ambience. Some malicious scenes brought by sparkling dialogues do not prevent the potion proves sometimes a little soothing. Magic in the Moonlight, by Woody Allen. With Emma Stone and Colin Firth. 1 h 38. . Inspirational data may be read clicking the following

Death of Christophe de Margerie: policies greet a boss ‘out of the ordinary.

Putin welcomed the dedication of Christophe de MargerieVladimir Putin "president appreciated at the highest point the qualities of Margerie businessman, continuous dedication not only in Russian-French relations but in all forms of cooperation", said the Kremlin spokesman. Taking into account the country in oil richessedu, the Total Group could not only to maintain the best possible relations with the Russia: its soil is full of gas (the large reserve of natural gas in the world), coal (2nd Global deposit), oil (8th Global deposit). Associated with Novatek, the largest independent producer of gas in Russia, Total developed draft Termokarstovoye, 22 wells in Western Siberia, in the extreme north of the country, a region that was accessible by road only 140 days per year. The production of this project must start in 2015 with a capacity expected 6 million m3 of gas per day.   If they sometimes clashed with the Total Group that Christophe de Margerie defended with passion and loyalty, political leaders were Tuesday to pay tribute to its CEO, disappeared in a plane crash in Moscow in the night, with three crew members. In a statement, who taught the new "with amazement and sadness", said have "appreciated by Christophe de Margerie its independent character, his original personality and dedication to the France.  "Christophe de Margerie defended with talent excellence and the success of the French technology abroad," still welcomed.   For, it is "a business manager who has been able to transform Total into a global giant", and "a great captain of industry and a Patriot" who disappeared. The Prime Minister says have lost personally, ‘a friend ‘. A friend also, who was moved Tuesday morning on BFM TV. "It’s a great friend, we know for a long time. It is someone who has a humanly fairly rare, very special journey,. I’m collapsed", said the UMP MEP, who had spoken to him Monday before his departure for Moscow, to move a dinner. Beyond being a great patron, it is a great human personality (,.) I was very attached. "Even with my little daughter,. it was someone that we were very close, and in all circumstances. Former Minister of National Education (UMP) has it too, in the night, hailed a friend. "This is a man that I knew well, a grand french captain of industry, a visionary and a man who had very deep human values," did know the former president, adding that it was "a great loss for us." "This is a man that I loved and that I always saw with great pleasure", he added. Minister of the environment and energy, believes that with him "could talk without taboos of the energy future of the country and the world and he was trying to imagine the future." "We sometimes had difficult, heated discussions, but it was a reliable partner, (,.). an engaged citizen who had taken courageous positions", testifies, the Minister of the economy. "Christophe de Margerie had disagreements with ecologists but the courage of the sincere and respectful debate," wished to clarify the former Minister (EELV). on Twitter.   Former President of the Medef, is said to be "upset". "This is someone who had a great sense of the general interest", she said on the Itele. A personality also known: "the simple name of Christophe, it was something. It was a pattern recognized worldwide by the biggest investors of the planet, by major heads of State of the planet", she still said on RTL. MPP has made "tribute to captain of industry has always been committed in the success of a french floret. Tribute after tribute, policies have painted the portrait of a man.  "Fine, generous, humorous" for (UMP), "man of conviction and friendship" for the European Commissioner (PS), "great hangover whatever those to whom he spoke" according to the Minister of public finance, "whose humor was a key to its depth" for the former Prime Minister (UMP), former student of Sup de Co Paris as Margerie, who admits his "grief".   In this time of mourning, only Gérard Filoche and some anonymous dare speak ill of Christophe de Margerie.  "The feudal are affected. They are fragile. The successor will fly us it less?", asked the former Communist leader on Twitter.   Admonished by Bruno Grandjean, president of the Union of industries of Mechatronics, Fick has even said: "you want what? ” A tribute to human? Yes! At the nozzle of blood? No ‘. Evidence that Christophe de Margerie gave a face to the gigantic group Total. . For more facts regarding this matter read reference.

Ebola: Steward, I do not believe that everything is under control.

The company has made the effort to communicate with his crew via the intranet and our lockers, but the SARS episode has made case law: we have more confidence. Each steward and hostess air has 18 days to call per year, this means that you can be sent on any flight if we need you. My second Disclaimer again involved a flight to Conakry. This time, I had to play my right of withdrawal by presenting me two hours before the flight and pointing to a frame that I did not want to be on this plane. This is what is called the nolontariat. It is still applicable for Conakry, but Monrovia more since October 13. Withdrawals have become common currency. If a crew gets to 12 people but at 7, you should know that each crew member will receive one-thirtieth of additional salary by segment and by cabin crew missing. The salary of personnel who will be accepted to be part of the flight will be a bonus 10/30th or between 700 and 1. 200 euros more. . Similar text can be found checking

Renzi, wanted opponents.

Means that the 41 percent of Europe might touch the 50 per cent if the list becomes the Democrats the bandwagon on which will rise left jostling to refugees of Sel and the desperate of Civic Choice. At that point, as fears of Pd would Cuperlo only the party of Leopolda renziana sole vocation. Berlusconi? A convict who survives to itself and does not ask better than to sell the company to the youngest competitor, in Exchange for a peaceful old age. Cricket? A great future behind our backs that is dispersing the only opposition in a poisoned cloud of internal vendettas and even racist rants that Salvini by comparison looks like Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  The same Salvini with its five percent? The left Democratic Party would now like the last Japanese in the jungle? Not joking. Renzi WINS because it has the eternal shoddy goods that mothers like national-popular trepidatious (bonus baby), to small and large tax evaders, owners of small workshops and those who ‘ of these unions do not longer ‘. In fact, the last great barrier before the statesman of Rignano sull’arno is pappi all square. What the next 25 October in Rome, in piazza San Giovanni, will collect the angry Italy. What he asks and that is not content with commercials by Barbara D’urso. . You must check this home page to discover more regarding this amazing topic.

T-Shirt protest: Nicolas Cage distances itself from its own film.

We have lost the battle: so, Paul Schrader begins his little message, which he put into the world via Facebook. The man, a raging bull wrote the screenplays to Hollywood classics such as taxi driver or how, and also has as well Director successes such as a man for some hours or affliction, has become in this way the CIA thriller dying of the light, which is billed as A film by Paul Schrader for December, distances. That directors do not have the final version of their movies can determine, is however common in Hollywood. Just directors with little weight in the industry to determine the final cut version rarely over the so-called final cut. Last directors such as Michel Gondry and Ned Benson had to watch as the powerful producer and distributor Harvey Weinstein own cut versions of films (the foam of days or) The disappearance of Eleanor Rigby) brought in the United States in the cinema. Paul Saje last film the Canyon was already flopped and the chaotic shooting meticulously documented times with Lindsay Lohan in New York, the new developments surprise now less. . For extended facts regarding this matter read hyperlink.

Pantani, Vallanzasca case heard in jail by the police. The hypothesis that the pirate has been made out.

The former head of the mala from Milan, Renato Vallanzasca, was heard as a witness by the carabinieri, on delegation of pm of Forlì in the framework of investigations on the death of Marco Pantani. Il Bel Renè had told him that he had heard in prison, buzz about an alleged conspiracy hatched against the pirate. Forli Attorney decided to reopen historical investigations on Madonna di Campiglio ‘ 99, the ‘ machinations ‘ to the detriment of Marco Pantani to alter blood tests and exclude it from the ride. There would be new changing lanes in addition to one already filed, criminal association aimed at cheating and sporting fraud. The key is in what the Beautiful René, the boss of the underworld, wrote to the mother of pirated being approached in jail by a camorrista. The tip-off to Vallanzasca-’ ‘ I don’t know how, but the pelatino does not finish the race, ” said the Opera Lifer in prison (Milan). And after the June 5, 1999, the day of the disqualification of the sample, the closer to say: ” you’ve heard? The pelatino has been done away, disqualified ‘ ‘. Vallanzasca wrote in his autobiography, and was heard by the Pm of Trento opened investigation on the alleged exchange of test tubes in which early Pantani was the injured party to finish then investigated for sporting fraud, a crime that could not be challenged because he had become such only in 2000. Closed processes with nothing done. Alteration of blood-not responded to investigators Vallanzasca trentini, now we try the Forlì-Cesena Prosecutor Sergio Sottani and substitute Lucia spirit. The forlivese does not filter other than confirmation of the review of old cases, and the invitation not to emphasize aspects that still need to be addressed. Of course there is that the family’s legal offensive Pantani attempts to make ensure that the pirate (‘ ‘ I was screwed, ” she howled his innocence Pacheco) has been put in to be disqualified, with the alteration of the blood to be the hematocrit to 51.9, nearly two points above the maximum limit of 50, and at the same time, in Cesenatico, and ran the 11/a stage, death threats from those who had an interest in not finished the race: ‘ ‘ this time you got away, but you’ll end up ‘ tour ‘. The hypothesis that have been out-Between his death five years later and for now there seems to be still a hypothesis of procedural direct relationship. But the Prosecutor’s Office in Rimini also reopened this case, assuming that Pantani was not victim of its finish in the tunnel of unbridled dependence on cocaine, but was instead made out with another scheme to mislead the investigation. Pacheco’s mother in 2008, the Prosecutor of Forlì, was felt as a person informed about the facts, within the scope of the investigation on direct threats to her son and received on your phone by the former Chief supporter Vittorio Savini, the next day, in Madonna. . For extended data regarding this subject check blog.

The BND has accused Ukrainian separatists to have shot down the Malaysian Boeing.

Since then, these assumptions without evidence based on information on the internet are mentioned in every press conference official and in the reports of the USA and their allies. While acknowledging that the authenticity of the web information is not confirmed. On the other hand, it was and it ignores other information that allow to conclude that Boeing was shot by a Ukrainian Akash battery unforeseen fiscal. Adopt such behaviour when seeking to protect themselves from false accusations. However the truth is the only way to protect themselves. The international investigation is far from transparent and progresses very slowly. The Malaysia and the Russia apparently are the only hoped that this investigation will lead. The final report is planned for next summer. But already the European media have stopped mentioning the crash of the Boeing. He was virtually forgotten. This is apparently the aim of the USA, the Ukraine and the rest of the West. Anti-Russian sanctions have been adopted, the chaos in Ukraine continues, and now no matter who actually shot the Boeing and why. . Root data may be studied checking the following page.

Growth is slowing: Beijing must stimulate?

China’s leadership wants to trigger a fundamental restructuring of the economy. It will take lower levels of growth. Several times Prime Minister Li Keqiang had stressed that China will achieve its self-imposed target of 7.5 percent this year. In the nine months to September, she grew by 7.4 per cent. : It should remain at the pace this year, it would be the slowest growth for 24 years. China’s State leaders measure their economic policies to a great extent on the number of created new posts in the labour market. Prime Minister Li had stressed last month at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin that almost ten million new jobs were created in China in the first eight months of this year. The International Monetary Fund predicted a growth of 7.4 percent for China this year. China to put economic only with 7.1 per cent in the coming year. In the long term China’s growth at a still lower level could arrive. Analyst firm the Conference Board predicted a collapse of China’s economic data in the next ten years. The growth in the cut will be between 2015 and 2019 at 5.5 percent. Between 2020 and 2025, the economy will slow further to average 3.9 per cent, according to an analysis. . You must read this info to discover extra regarding this great subject.

Video: Kobans struggle: Turkey wants to ease border crossing for Kurds.

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu said on Monday in Ankara, that should be facilitated for Iraqi Kurds fighters crossing the border in the Northern Syrian city Kobans. more,. However, the Minister at the press conference did not give details. In Kobans Syrian Kurds have been fighting for about four weeks against the extremist militia of Islamic State, which has brought large parts of Syria and Iraq under their control. This Internet images can not be verified. You should show Kurdish fighters in the embattled streets. In the past few weeks still Turkey left no Kurds across the border, who wanted to come to the rescue of the trapped fighters in Kobans. In the night of Monday, US military transport plane dropped weapons, ammunition, and medical goods to Kurdish fighters in Kobans. The material was provided by the Kurdish authorities in the Iraq according to the US. LOCATION: ANKARA (Turkey), KOBANS (Syria) close. You should check the following to read extra about this great topic.

Ebola: Europe is concerned about an epidemic ‘exponential ‘.

In fact, the European progress is modest. Twenty-eight have agreed to appoint a "Coordinator" anti-Ebola in Brussels. It is not known if it will synchronize the action of all countries of the EU or, more modestly, the only means of European administrations. The function and the name – it is question of a woman-doctor – will be decided Thursday or Friday, when the heads of State and Government will meet in Brussels. He (or she) will be as a transatlantic partner lawyer Ron Klain, just appointed by the White House to orchestrate the American response. It is a first response to the risk of "a disjointed European response", mentioned on arrival by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Against Ebola, dissonances remain between Brussels and the Member States, between the smaller countries and those who are heavily engaged as the France and the United Kingdom, or in each capital between civil security, the ‘humanitarian’ and the military. The project, pushed by Berlin, a body European "White Helmets", which would be in health crises that peacekeepers are to the maintenance of peace, has not passed the ramp. The idea advances yet to harmonise, pooling, or even to mutualise everything what can be in the war against the African virus. The agreement finally reached on a single protocol of care and evacuation of foreign health volunteers, in the case of Ebola infection. Requested insistently by NGOs, and in particular by MSF, this warranty is indispensable to the massive recruitment of doctors, nurses and European nurse needs the West Africa already. The concern outside the home of infection on countries such as Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. In France, it is doctors without borders and its 3000 volunteers on-site who have openly asked the question: without ensuring a speedy return in the event of accidental infection, Western vocations will dry up at the precise moment where the African epidemic verges on the point of no return. "When the mortality rate reached 70%, patient, doctor or not, has only one concern: return home", said an epidemiologist who has seen others. "Without this guarantee, we will have more volunteers", adds a diplomat. Psychological argument, can add another more concrete: Africa still lacks health care facilities that compare with what can offer the northern hemisphere. But the shortage of specialized air assets, disinfection of equipment delays and finally cost-prohibitive (the EU comes to book three aircraft in the American firm Phoenix and budgeted EUR 3 million) lead to imagine another solution: install care to Western standards in Africa, primarily for foreigners. Some will speak of medicine at two speeds, Africans to one side, Westerners on the other. But need risk to act. This is the choice that made the United States and the United Kingdom who are preparing to send to Liberia and Sierra Leone respectively 3,000 and 750 soldiers, including health services. Those will have their medical units, on-site as a guarantee. . You can check the following website to discover extra regarding this amazing topic.